Question Which crop is good for market profit ?

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by sanjay6684, May 19, 2017.

  1. sanjay6684

    sanjay6684 New Member

    I have 20 beega land,Which crop is good for market profit...Can anybody suggest..
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  2. dhanamvmg

    dhanamvmg Support Team Staff Member

  3. dibhurb2017

    dibhurb2017 New Member

    In 10- 20 years u become coror poti in 1 acor....
    Become 40 coror+
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  4. dayanand karagi

    dayanand karagi New Member

    dear sanjay, it is better to construct a polyhouse and grow high valued flower crops and vegetables like coloured capsicum. it is worth and profitable business now days
  5. anupam dev

    anupam dev Member

    Many crops are pritable. But this profitability depends on so many factors. If you are really interested to go for professional croping then you have to choose first the breeds which are technically feasible and commercially viable. You may follow the link below for your better realisation

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