Question When to use AMC for banana & pepper.

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  1. murugapriya

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    When should we put AMC for pepper and banana? How many times in a year we had put? What quantity is to be given?
  2. maitys

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    AMC (Arka Microbial Consortium ) is lab grown bio fertilizer containing beneficial bacterial strains .It can be applied either through seed , soil , water and nursery media i.e. cocopeat etc.
    For seed treatment: 10-20g Inoculum is sufficient to treat 100-200gms vegetable seeds
    For soil drenching: Mix with water @ 20 G/ Lit and then apply near to the root on the 10 th day after the transplant .
    For crop field application :5 kg of AMC can be mixed with 500 kgs of FYM and apply near the root zone of standing crop .
    For cocopeat enrichment : 1 kg in 1 MT cocopeat is sufficient for enrichment .
    For banana banana plants :
    Apply a suspension of AMC (20 g/l) then 1 litre per plant, to the root zone prior to the onset of flooding. Impose flooding treatment on the banana plants a week after the microbial inoculation.

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