Wanted We need sales / marketing people to work with business houses in promoting moringa leaf consumption

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    Moringa leaves contain more nutrients needed for human health. We are promoting MORINGA MISSION in the country to make everyone to consume moringa leaves daily to maintain a good health. To know more, please visit our moringa mission website: www.ksiclub.net

    We need more VOLUNTEERS and PROMOTERS to pursue this great mission. We want to recruit more sales / marketing people to work in all areas of Chennai. It is purely a field work... Shop to shop ... Door to door ... kind of work... we can allow people to work in their preferred locations. If you can have one more person to work with you, it is fine, You both can work as a team.

    We are an NGO and you can have more freedom at work. It is not a just earning job, but a proud social mission. It is a target based sales work... We offer 30K in total...25K as salary...2500 rupees as TA...2000 rupees as food allowance and 500 rupees as phone allowance...We will give 3 months salary as yearly bonus...Other needed benefits can also be considered.

    If you work well, you can raise up as a team leader in one year and your salary can be 50K...If you impress with your performance and leadership, you can be our sales leader for one region in Chennai and your salary can be 75K... If you prove your capability to manage one division throughout Chennai, you can be our Division Head and your salary will be 100K.

    Age, sex, education, experience etc. will not be a bar to do our work. Sincerity and hard working to achieve the target are enough...It is not a mere earning job, but a proud SOCIAL MISSION. All social minded people may suit to our work...

    First send a confirmation mail to vgk@ksiclub.org that you are interested and also send your resume. Then you can come for a preliminary discussion on any day around 5 pm, but before 31st October, 2016. Fix your time before coming. You can meet me at the following address:

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    I am interested in taking part in this noble work. Kindly furnish me with more details. With thanks & regards
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    @support --- User name achievemore --- want his contact dtls to be removed... he says its disturbing for him.

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