Wanted we have a Agri project, looking for good investors on profit sharing system

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by apfarms, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. apfarms

    apfarms New Member

    we have a Agricultural project in tamil nadu, looking for good investors on profit sharing system, any body have an idea please contact.
  2. shanmugasundaram

    shanmugasundaram New Member

    What is the agri project all about? If you provide more details, people might get interested.
  3. bharathifarmer

    bharathifarmer New Member

    Could you Call and discuss this +91-8608534555...
  4. vraaji

    vraaji New Member

  5. vraaji

    vraaji New Member

  6. drpagraw

    drpagraw New Member

    write to us in detail .
  7. vraaji

    vraaji New Member

    Pls share your details in macro level, will be useful to many , at least to mail venraaj@gmail.com
  8. girija 915

    girija 915 New Member

  9. kamlesh_rai

    kamlesh_rai New Member

    Plz do share the details on global.rai@gmail.com.
    M interested in this proposal.
  10. vijayakumarkiruba

    vijayakumarkiruba New Member

  11. subr0e38

    subr0e38 New Member

  12. harishkr2

    harishkr2 New Member

    Request to share more details about the project with your contact details. Further would like to clarify that i can do expand this in north part of India i.e Noida. Kindly confirm if suitable.
  13. guptavarun11

    guptavarun11 New Member

    Sir, Please clear you are investor or looking for investor?
  14. guptavarun11

    guptavarun11 New Member

    I want to start a Bee farming project, in general this looks very
    simple, but my plan is something different in the means of management
    side and earning profit. I am looking for Funding, any capitalist interested in
    apiculture business investing, Please contact me on guptavarun11@gmail.com

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