Wanted Wanted State wise partners in INDIA in Organic Agriculture Division

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  1. agrifriend

    agrifriend Member

    Wanted State Wise Partners in INDIA in Organic Agriculture Division
    small investment with good returns
    we have organic inputs for agriculture (for soil fertility increasing permanently)
    further details contact me
  2. ishaprasad

    ishaprasad New Member

    Dear sir, plz give the detail information
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  3. ghanshyam00

    ghanshyam00 New Member

    Sir me gujrat se gu i am intrested pls reply
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  4. abhi25

    abhi25 New Member

    Yes i m intrested to join a big partner,
    I got a big land of 100Acr in one pic,
    I m intrested in safed musali.
    If your company is helpful for us then we can talk forward, at present our team is working on project & calculation of investment and ROI,
    If you got someting intersting mail me
    Project head
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  5. jasinc

    jasinc New Member

    I am interested pls call me on 7406403870
    Or MY-WHATSAPP-8691869885
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  6. anilanjna

    anilanjna New Member

    I am interested with your project.
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  7. naturespeoduce

    naturespeoduce New Member

    We are from Telangana. Please send me the proposal to naturesproduce4u@gmail.com.

    Thank you,

    With regards,
    M. Ashok Reddy

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  8. manoharkalidas

    manoharkalidas New Member

    I am interested.would like to know more about this. My email I'd is manoharkalidas@gmail.com
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  9. atulkhare

    atulkhare New Member

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  10. jknkishore

    jknkishore New Member

    interested ph-8015984121
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  11. santoshkumar7873

    santoshkumar7873 New Member

    Hello sir.. I am interested to do this. I belong to Odisha. Please provide me the details.
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  12. parth1739

    parth1739 New Member

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  13. haribujji

    haribujji New Member

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  14. vuppunutula

    vuppunutula New Member

    I'm from Telangana and interested in organic farming
    Please give me full details in mail vuppunutula@gmail.com
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  15. pchandras

    pchandras New Member

    Yes I am interested,my native place is odisha and also having own lands in unused position. You can contact me on 09937228349,whatsapp no. 07381007149,mail id- cspanda1976@gmail.com
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  16. arunsomaemmon

    arunsomaemmon New Member

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  17. arunsomaemmon

    arunsomaemmon New Member

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  18. keshri_suresh

    keshri_suresh New Member

    Hello I want to Start For Chhattisgarh Partner contact me and sent me details.
    Suresh Keshri
    E-mail Keshriexpress@gmail.com
  19. phunkiya

    phunkiya New Member

    I am waiting your reply. So I am requesting you for proper guidance.
  20. runa rafique

    runa rafique New Member

    I have registered an LLP for organic agricultural trading and practices. I would like to know what kind of partnership you are looking at.
    I am at runarafique@gmail.com. I m from Assam, NE India. I am looking to partner in spices and tea. My email id is runarafique@gmail.com
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