Wanted Wanted someone to grow and maintain organic farming

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by ketinenipratz, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. ketinenipratz

    ketinenipratz New Member

    Wanted someone to grow and maintain organic farming in our farm
  2. rajatsharmaprofile

    rajatsharmaprofile New Member

  3. hari4

    hari4 New Member

    Location of your farm and area may please be intimated.
  4. mithun2015

    mithun2015 New Member

  5. dr rajinikanth

    dr rajinikanth New Member

    Please provide place,how many acres , facilities available.reply me,
    Mail me- sreeraj1630@gmail.
  6. vmuppala

    vmuppala New Member

    Hi, Location
  7. samphenom

    samphenom New Member

    What are you planning to organic farm? Fruits? Veggies? herbs? or something else?
  8. venkuch

    venkuch New Member

    i want to associate with you. please share your requirements & ideas
  9. tvkrajkumar

    tvkrajkumar New Member

    Hai, Which location ?
    Please specify state and city / village
  10. mango2020

    mango2020 New Member

    Location tell me and send the details to eswar.mango@gmail.com
  11. ayolong

    ayolong New Member


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