Wanted Wanted project reports for profitable agro bussiness.

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    Hi sir am having 7 acres red soil agricultural land near Tirupati (papanaidupeta) and 2 bore wells drip system and farm house. In 7 acres we have 400 mango trees and 250 teak trees age is 6 yrs so I want to start business in agricultural is there any possibility pls tell me
    my investment is roughly 6 lakhs so pls help me regarding any project reports for agro bussiness profitable pls respond as soon as possible sir. sir sir sir
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    We provide complete consultancy services for Integrated Green Farm Projects with High Value Crops and other farming activities, including Detailed Project Planning/Detailed Project Report for loan. Our services are from planning projects to marketing of products.
    Mango tree gaps and shades can be used for many high value crops and herbs. And there are many other high income activities that can be done along with high value crops farming, with lowest investment.
    Please see our other posts in this site, and mail us for further details.
    Introduction to IGFP-SFDMS-HVC-MCOS offered by us:
    We offer Concept to Completion (C2C) consultancy services for all kind of farming and farm related Agri business projects all over India and abroad.
    Earn highest income from your own/lease land, anywhere in India or around the world through Integrated Green Farm Projects (IGFP) based on Sustainable Farm Development & Management System (SFDMS) including High Value Crops-Multi Cultivation Organic System (HVC-MCOS) and additional farm based enterprises simultaneously with lowest investment. Abundant supply of water is a must normally for HVC-MCOS but for dry/arid zones and cold zones (high altitude zones) there are suitable crops and systems.
    We provide Concept to Completion (C2C) consultancy services for IGFP-SFDMS-HVC-MCOS of high value herbs, spices including exotic spices, vegetables including exotic and imported vegetables, fruits including exotic and imported fruits, cereals, pulses, flowers, orchids, anthurium, cash crops and wild/forest trees etc, and add-on farm based enterprises .
    Please send an inquiry mail with details of your project land and your contact details to: greenlandfns@gmail.com
    Greenland Farms & Nursery Services/Medicinal Planters Association of India
    Palakkad, Kerala/Bangalore, Karnataka/Vizianagaram, AP/Madoshi (Thane), Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
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    You can go for tissue culture laboratory project
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