Wanted Wanted Pomegranate 1000 kg weekly

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  1. anoopakbar65

    anoopakbar65 New Member

    Pomegranate 1000 kg weekly at 45Rs/kg(variety:bhagva).Interested farmers or suppliers call 08907536418
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  2. chotta

    chotta New Member

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  3. anoopakbar65

    anoopakbar65 New Member

    Please call me@chotta
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  4. Can supply bhagva, 1000kg Pomegranate/ week.
    Ex farm basis.
    Please call cell : +91-9869049987, to confirm your order with details.

    Dr.Hozefa Kagalwala
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  5. manuju

    manuju New Member

    Hi Dr. Hozefa...cant get thru your number kindly send your email id. I have few things to ask. Thanks
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  6. dmk007

    dmk007 New Member

    9763285707 we supplies from maharashtra
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  7. raomohite

    raomohite New Member

    Dear Anoop
    Can supply Bhagwa variety of required quantity ex-farm.
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