Wanted Wanted land near Hyderabad.

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by kanniein, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. kanniein

    kanniein New Member

    Hi, I am looking for agriculture land near Hyderabad say about in 50 km radius, can someone help me out in this regard
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  2. sin123

    sin123 Member

    How much acre land you want?
  3. orga3c6a

    orga3c6a New Member

    pls sent your contact details my no 9052235851
  4. orga3c6a

    orga3c6a New Member

    pls sent your contact details my no 9052235851
  5. kanniein

    kanniein New Member

    sir before passing on my number i would like to know who you are and are you in this real estate business,
  6. kanniein

    kanniein New Member

    depending on the value is can decide, but its not more then 5 acres, if i get a good deal the it can be increased
  7. orga3c6a

    orga3c6a New Member

    my name is veeru , lives in hyderabad , i am full time realtor
  8. musp

    musp New Member

    For sale 1 Acre of Land near Moinabad, 20 KM from Hyderabad Assembly. Land is at Surangal village, 4km in from main Chevella Road. Boring of 1000 ft done on land. Contact 9666526671
  9. srinukatne

    srinukatne New Member

    Sir,at tagatoor village having the 10 acres of land it's very near to Mokila village from financial Dist it will be 20 kms
  10. srinukatne

    srinukatne New Member

    At shankerpally 6 acres 20 gutus for sales it's under free zone
  11. srinukatne

    srinukatne New Member

    At janwada village very near to financial Dist 9 .16 gutus for sale if u r interested in any of the above contract me 9542452723
  12. rohits2017

    rohits2017 New Member

    I'm looking for an acre, 1 acre of low cost land, for recreational purpose for personal use - 9885916848
  13. +91 96528 94548
  14. dhoragaru

    dhoragaru New Member

    I need land Medchal Highway Road, Karimnagar Highway Road upto Pragnapur or Warangal Highway Road... 60 KM's from Hyderabad.. Land should be Rs. 1 to 7 lakh per acre with clear title. No.of acres Min. 5 to Max. 50 acres. Send details to my email: dhoragaru@gmail.com

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