Wanted Wanted ginger on regular basis qty in quintals to Hyderabad

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by lokebaba, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. lokebaba

    lokebaba New Member

    Need supplier to supply ginger on regular basis qty in quintals ...to south india hyderabad plz contact on 9703316979 or 8978350029
  2. themia

    themia New Member

    What quantity and when do you required and what size we are from nagaland we can supply
  3. 9740879957

    9740879957 New Member

    ginger 1 quintals means how much KGS plse tell us
  4. shrigg

    shrigg New Member

    1quintel Means 100KG
  5. satyamicro

    satyamicro New Member

  6. satyamicro

    satyamicro New Member

    can u tell me stevia powder or leaves howmuch maximum cost can sell in market from farmers
  7. themia

    themia New Member

    what qty of ginger and when do you require
  8. jeff406

    jeff406 New Member

  9. jeff406

    jeff406 New Member

    How much quantity you need
  10. jeff406

    jeff406 New Member

  11. changa

    changa New Member

    organic ginger from mizoram
    contact me @changazote@gmail.com
  12. ranjan1234

    ranjan1234 New Member

    Have ginger . Pliz contact:9615670388, 7005462431
  13. themia

    themia New Member


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