Wanted Wanted farmers for medicinal herbs cultivation under buyback in Gujarat

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by pramoliya, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. jsrana

    jsrana New Member

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  2. millan

    millan New Member

    I want to farming medicinal plants in my agricultural land of 16 acre, can you help me?
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  3. madhavs1

    madhavs1 Active Member

    please provide us your contact number or plz send us your email address to send complete information.Mr.Madhav Reddy 9866672765 or
    Swapna - 09948089007
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  4. royalumed

    royalumed New Member

    I am from jodhpur Rajasthan. I am intrested to farming harble plant
    My no. 9413573556
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  5. beekeys

    beekeys New Member

    interested in stevia in Punjab....................9988896996
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  6. bhaveshzala

    bhaveshzala New Member

    I am ready .My contact- 9714615050
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  7. usernameyy

    usernameyy New Member

    i need help for setting up Aleovera farming
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  8. sekharmds

    sekharmds New Member

    dear sir me Dr sekhar frm telangana shadnagar. interested in it . wil it be ok for you to consider me .
    i have around 30 acers in and around shadnagar and kurnool . which is weel accessible to national highway (kashi to kanya kumari )
    my whats app umb +60104247647
    indian numb 8099229223.
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  9. mushtaq ahmed

    mushtaq ahmed New Member

    dear sir,
    i have 500 acres ,in many sites in madhy prdesh,
    sugesst me crop pattern and buyback arrangements, with terms,
    mushtaq ahmad 9907667725- sms or call me or mail me on ahmadmushtaq.007@gmail.com
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  10. vishal2325

    vishal2325 New Member

    I have 8 acres of land in Rajkot. I interested in medicinal plants umder buy back agreement. Plz contact for more.

    Vishal Amipara
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  11. my farm

    my farm New Member

    we are the manufacturer of organic compost / manure from food waste cow dung and micro organisms . Its 100% organic in nature. Very good results on potato, tomato, onions, pomegranate, papaya, grapes, mango, chikoo, shitafal (custerd apple), ramfal, banana, bor, cane, orange and all the fruits and vegetables. Actually it gives best results on any plant in horticulture and agriculture. Its very good for every plant and tree.

    its available in 50 kg bags - 600/- is mrp. if you purchase in quantity, dealer rates will be applicable. transportation extra. Result guaranteed.

    for more details may contact pankaj mali on 9011049301.
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  12. pradeep raghuwanshi

    pradeep raghuwanshi New Member

    Hi, I am pradeep Raghuwanshi
    M.Sc. Agriculture
    from Madhya Pradesh and also I want do start medicinal farming and want do work in MP if u are interested so contact me. 9827231070 / 96440002441
    I am post graduate from Agriculture background and doing job in this sector.
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  13. ddinu83

    ddinu83 New Member

    Yes I am from madhya pradesh. I still growing medicinal crops, if You want spcefic variety please contact us.. 09479658551
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  14. jamnadasmange

    jamnadasmange New Member

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  15. jamnadasmange

    jamnadasmange New Member

    10 acres land available with irrigation system. Growing traditional crops but wants to diversification for medicinal plants. Kindly respond on this post or to email:jamnadasmange@yahoo.com. contact:09820458202.

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  16. devbhatt

    devbhatt New Member

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  17. abhishek acharya

    abhishek acharya New Member

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  18. mht1122

    mht1122 New Member

    We produce Stevia from China. Pls contact Jersey Meng at chemical@hesanchem.com if you are interest.

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  19. drumstick

    drumstick New Member

    I am interested.....
    I am from Gujarat.
    Please what's app me. : 9974991176.
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  20. vrunda

    vrunda New Member

    I have 125 farmers group totally organic farming in gujarat.pl contact me 9825321344
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