Wanted Wanted farmers for medicinal herbs cultivation under buyback in Gujarat

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  1. pramoliya

    pramoliya New Member

    We need farmers who are having interest to cultivate Herbal crops.We provide all type medicinal plants in cheap price . We provide Aloevera,Stevia,Tulsi,Safad musli,Colius,Lemongrass,Pamarosa,Satavar, Sarpgandha, Mentha,Moringa (Drumstic) ,Sarpgandha,Ashwaganda, Horticulture plant,Tree plant,Foresty plant,etc...( Depend on seasom ) .We provide best quality plants which is prepare under in medicinal research scientist. We can provide you planting materials with buy back agreement and supervision Farmers.
    Interested parties May Please feel free to contact me

    +91 97146 16040
  2. nihaal

    nihaal New Member

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  3. pramoliya

    pramoliya New Member

    We have plantation in Gujarat .
    In future we have planning for other state.
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  4. dbgohil

    dbgohil New Member

    I m interested to cultivate herbal crops under byback.
    I have 85 vigha cultivate land and 100 acre hill land in bhavnagar district
    My contact number is 9924246464
    Email address dbgohil9@gmail.com
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  5. rupesh0808

    rupesh0808 Member

    hy pramoliya ji are you people not providing ur services to uttar pradesh
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  6. rana930

    rana930 New Member

    I m ready my no 7717781587 ,9798860752 plese contact me give detail I intrested in tulsi or aloveera
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  7. sujeethprasad

    sujeethprasad New Member

    5 acres in Coimbatore and aloevera grows here generally. I'm interested. SUJEETH PRASAD 09942935351.
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  8. anujkrana

    anujkrana New Member

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  9. dariyao

    dariyao New Member

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  10. dariyao

    dariyao New Member

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  11. bohrasingh

    bohrasingh New Member

    I am interest to cultivate maedincinal plants and herbs in Utarakhand
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  12. adityapaluri

    adityapaluri New Member

    I am intereseted. I am for Telangana and can allocate 10 acres of land for buy back policy
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  13. rajeshkmichael

    rajeshkmichael New Member

    I am interested
    Land Location : near Pondicherry, TamilNadu
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  14. ankit_9

    ankit_9 New Member

    i am interested
    i am from utterpradesh
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  15. prabhu s

    prabhu s New Member

    Already i have cultivated Moringa (Drumstick) in karur,
    Ready to supply Moringa (Drumstick) in order basis
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  16. srikanthkiwi

    srikanthkiwi New Member

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  17. sunfarms

    sunfarms New Member

    dear sir,
    i have 45 acres ,in 2 sites in nagpur,maharashtra,
    sugesst me crop pattern and buyback arrangements, with terms,
    prakash. 8483085771 - sms me or mail me on raoprakash1955@gmail.com
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  18. vpanwar

    vpanwar New Member

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  19. vpanwar

    vpanwar New Member

    I want to , having 15 acer land
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  20. manichsm

    manichsm New Member

    SIR PLEASE CALL ME : 9965379888.
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