Wanted Wanted farmers for medicinal herbs cultivation cousunltancy under buyback

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  1. er_araj

    er_araj New Member

    Interested in your proposal. Can you give list of items you need for export and details so that I can convert my 15 acre farm near chennai. We also have farmlands at kodaikanal 6000ft and 4000 feet elevation. anne.raj@gmail.com
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  2. rajendrawakale

    rajendrawakale New Member

    I read your messages but not seen any company or fix marcket in Maharashtra to cultivate aloe Vera leaves sale market
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  3. anilnellore

    anilnellore New Member

    I am from Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, I am in to Natural/Organic farming having 100 acres of land. I am interested in Medicinal/Herbal crops cultivation on buy back agreement, please provide details to take this forward

    Anil Kumar N
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  4. pitaya260

    pitaya260 New Member

    Sir , I am from Mauritius and interested to start Moringa on 5 acres then later on larger scale can we work together, I mean supply of plants etc.
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  5. cliffsmail

    cliffsmail New Member

    Dear Sir,
    We have noted your details on medicinal plants and the buy back issues. Sir we are based in ooty tamilnadu at an elevation of 1750 Msl kindly contact us towads plants that grow in this elevation. We are available on : emailcliffordns@gmail.com

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  6. venkat6868

    venkat6868 New Member

    I am from sangareddy telangana.. I have two acrs of land. I am interested in your proposal. Please contact prasad6868@gmail.com 8142669922
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  7. pramod0055

    pramod0055 New Member

    Sir i am maharashtra from dhule district , do you contract in maharshtra as i am interested in aloe vera farming
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  8. seco1e45

    seco1e45 New Member

    Our land is in Haryana. Let us discuss the probability.

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  9. madhavs1

    madhavs1 Member


    Yes ! we are interested , please send us your Price
    Email : jaikisanaturals@gmail.com
    Mob : 09866672765
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  10. madhavs1

    madhavs1 Member

    please send us your quotation amaravathinatural@gmail.com / Contact Mr.Madhav Reddy-09866672765
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  11. madhavs1

    madhavs1 Member

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please provide us your mail id or contact number or plz contact Mr.Madhav Reddy:09866672765
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  12. madhavs1

    madhavs1 Member

    Plz provide us mail id to send you complte details please contact Mr.Madhav Reddy-09866672765
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  13. niharica

    niharica New Member

    dear sir/medam.
    my name is devaraj fm karnataka and interest to cultivate herbs and spices like ALOVERA,MUCUNA,MUSK DANA,BASIL,ASWHAGANDH,RED SANDER,QUINOA,CHIA,STEVIA...Etc, your said this is very nice ,we can give buyback ok sir my email is devaraju.bdvt321@gmail.com/and m/no is 9018605125
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  14. yash589

    yash589 New Member

    Dear sir
    I am from bikaner rajasthan. I am interested in cultivation of herbal medicines.
    Please provide information on it.
    Thank you

    Narendra Rathi
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  15. saikf15f

    saikf15f Member

    Hello Sir ,

    I can supply Stevia dry leaves as per requirement. if any requirement please call me .


    Sainath K
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  16. yesnatural

    yesnatural New Member

    I am a property consultant with clients holding more than 10000 Acres spread all over Tamilnadu. Minimum size of holding is above 100 Acres. Can work on a mutually beneficial relationship. Suresh Bhaiya 8667096799
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  17. lakshmi0323

    lakshmi0323 New Member

    Hi I am interested in your proposal. Please send me details to my email id slnreddy90@gmail.com
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  18. anilsunder

    anilsunder New Member

    im interested. pls do contact me
    anil - 9618955441
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  19. bohrasingh

    bohrasingh New Member

    We are interested to cultivate medicinal plant with any required at foot hill of himalaya as well as hill terrision as per your required.
    Please contact 7017183539
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  20. sahiljuneja04

    sahiljuneja04 New Member

    Hello shubham
    I m Sahil from Haryana. I have 2 Acres land and I have good water supply. Pls contact. 9813034477
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