Wanted Wanted farmers for medicinal herbs cultivation cousunltancy under buyback

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  1. vipul dhankhar

    vipul dhankhar New Member


    I am from Haryana - Mohindergarh, I am intrested in your Idea please provide some more details about the project.


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  2. nirmal619

    nirmal619 New Member

    I'm interested in aloevera cultivation kindy contact me NIRMAL:9095506486
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  3. madhavs1

    madhavs1 Active Member

    Medicinal herbs cultivation under buyback
    The new season started for Medicinal plants and spices cultivation.this listed some herbs are in the list of government subsidy for more details feel free to contact.

    The New season is started for Medicinal Herbs cultivation for this year.

    Our main focus will be on the Herbs and Spices.

    Here is the list:

    ALOVERA and .....

    * Aswhagandha.
    * Sweet Flag.
    * Colious.
    * Muskdana.
    * Basil.
    * Senna.
    * Stevia.
    * Nannari.
    * Glori Lilly.
    * Phyllanthus Amarus.
    * Red Sandal and Sandalwood.
    * Aromatic Oil Crops...Etc.

    If anybody is having interest, please feel free to contact.

    We can also consider Inter Planting for all the Horticultural Crops like
    * Mango,
    * Mousambi,
    * Lemon,
    * Palm Oil Plantations,
    * Sandalwood plantations,
    * Guava,
    * Chiko,
    * Pomegranate...Etc.

    Best Regards,
    Madhav P
  4. keerthihulikunte

    keerthihulikunte New Member

    We are interested for growing up in medicine plant especially alovera and we have a 1000 of farmers group they have all interested
  5. madhavs1

    madhavs1 Active Member

    Dear Keerthihulikunte,
    can you send your contact details or can you call me on this number 09866672765 regarding Alovera cultivation.
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  6. vinayjaggi

    vinayjaggi New Member

    Interested in Senna please give complete details of cultivation/ cost /produce cost etc.
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  7. thomasinus

    thomasinus New Member

    Sir, my location is Tamilnadu. Have land and water facility. Call me with details on my cell 09847788447. thanks
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  8. pktrivedi

    pktrivedi New Member

    I have organic tulsi leaves and seed for sale in oncoming months pl quote your price and contact at trivediassociatess@gmail.com 8827755533
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  9. marpffc9

    marpffc9 Member

    I am Ex AGM of NABARD presently providing agriculture consultancy to farmers. Many farmers are interested to grow medicinal plants. I will ask them to contact you. Meanwhile , one of my friend is having 5 acres of land with water facility near Udupi in karnataka. I want to encourage him to cultivate medicinal plants if you provide seeds/ planting material , technical guidance and buy back arrangement. You can contact me at marpally8@gmail.com
    or call 7337633610. Can I work as a coordinator for Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra , Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.
  10. kshafi788

    kshafi788 New Member

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  11. adhiraj

    adhiraj New Member

    Dear Sir

    I am Sanjay Saxena from Gwalior M.P. having irrigated land of 40 Beega Iam looking Herbs cultivation need your support to start it pl. guide me how can I start it and how can I get best results.

    My mobile no is 7024763111
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  13. Sir,
    If you are interested in Aloevera leaves plantation and other beneficial plants, on long-term basis with buyback/ sale support, you may contact us :9869049987.
    Email: happirehabcenter@gmail.com
    Hozefa K.
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  14. kumarsandco

    kumarsandco New Member

    Dear sir;
    we want this type of cultivation pls help me
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  15. kumarsandco

    kumarsandco New Member

    Dear sir;
    please con 9600811325
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  16. dharmendra_030

    dharmendra_030 New Member

    Dear sir we have 1 Acer land in pushkar ajmer with drip irrigation facility. We plan to grow aloe vera. please send detailed project/ proposal. My email is dharmendrash.030@gmail.com and mobile no 9460014010.
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  17. adhiraj

    adhiraj New Member

    Dear Sir
    I am Sanjay Saxena having som agriculture land in Shivpuri district M.P. I am interested in medicine Herbs cultivation pl. guide and support me my mob. no is 7024763111
    My mail ID - sanjayksaxena8@gmail.com
  18. madhavs1

    madhavs1 Active Member

    we can give buyback for medicinal plants which we suggesred. we are dealing
    basil Etc.
    we can arrange planting material,buyback,visits.
    interested farmers please feel free to call me on 09866672765.
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  19. drpagraw

    drpagraw New Member

    we are from mumbai panvel have 3 1 /2 and 5 acre land , water elecrticyy , can u write to us total cost of project and per year per acre earning .
    u r charges and profit sharing ???
  20. sameet

    sameet New Member

    I am a farmer having approx 55 hectares of land in athani Belgaum Karnataka . I want to grow aloe vera in my land.
    Can anyone please give me complete information about cultivation and packaging process of aloe-vera, plant set up and government support and scheme
    Buyers also contact me.

    Sameet Patil
    Satish S
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