Wanted Wanted farmers for cultivating organic foods.

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by anas_olonga, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. anas_olonga

    anas_olonga New Member

    I need farmers for cultivating organic foods.
  2. aktorganic

    aktorganic New Member

    Hi, For which location u need??
  3. jyotipg

    jyotipg New Member

    PM me...
  4. maruthin

    maruthin New Member

    We have 50 acres of land with good water facility which is about 150 Kms from Bengaluru. Let me know what you want to grow so that we can enter into an agreement and start.

    Best regards,
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  5. greenlandfns

    greenlandfns Well-Known Member

    We have organic farmer members/projects in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, AP, Maharashtra etc cultivating diverse food crops, cash crops, and herbs.
    What are the organic food items you want?
    Is it regular requirement or one time?
    Where is your location and address/contact details?
    We can supply diverse organic food items from our member farmers including value added items. We also make organic Pappaya jam, Organic Pappaya Gel (Tutti Fruitti), Pappaya Pickle etc.

    We offer Concept to Completion (C2C) consultancy services for all kind of farming and farm related Agri business projects.

    Integrated Green Farm Projects (IGFP) based on Sustainable Farm Development and Management System with High Value Crops-Multi Cultivation Organic System (HVC-MCOS)-herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, flowers, and long term earning wild/forest trees, and allied projects.

    Earn highest income from your land-own or lease-within 1-3 years with least investment, and continue to get higher income every year without much additional maintenance cost. Any type of land including dry areas can be used for IGFP-SFDMS-HVC-MCOS.

    We offer complete consultancy (from planning to marketing of products) for HVC-MCOS (Traditional/ Natural/Bio-dynamic/Vriksha Ayurveda system) of high value herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, flowers, cereals, pulses, cash crops etc and additional income activities such as Organic/Sustainable Tourism/Bee Keeping, Butterfly Parks, Bird Parks, Walk in Aviary of Exotic Birds, Pets Zoo, Reptile Parks, Aquaria, Animal Husbandry (Dairy, Poultry, Piggery, Fishery projects) etc and will convert your land into a green heaven with high income regularly. Even you can earn high income from the organic fence we create for protecting your land and crops from intruding animals and humans and avoid costly cement walls and barbed wires.

    We also provide complete consultancy, advise and support for value addition of farm products, organic manure production, seed production etc and complete support for documentation, licenses, DPR for obtaining loans, subsidies, grants etc and market development support (domestic and export).

    Please mail us for further details: greenlandfns@gmail.com

    Greenland Farms & Nursery Services, Vatlakki, Attappady, Palakkad, Kerala,
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  6. ashvinraiyani10

    ashvinraiyani10 New Member

  7. vinayakap

    vinayakap New Member

  8. ankurkhare

    ankurkhare Member

    25 Acre agriculture land in katni m.p
    44 kms from katni station
    black soil
    water level 60 ft ,electricity available
    good road connectivity
    for more discussion plz contact 9098480007
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  9. krushnab

    krushnab New Member

    i want to farming mushroom
  10. chukkaabhinav

    chukkaabhinav New Member

    i am interested in contract farming . I have a land of 15acres in warangal district ,telangana state .
  11. parimal_k

    parimal_k New Member

    If you are ready to invest some money as initial cost of cultivation, then we have stevia cultivation project for you.
    We will provide you with best quality plant and we also sign BUYBACK AGREEMENT with you.
    Please call me on 9970044228, lets talk about it over a phone call.
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  12. nithin1209

    nithin1209 New Member

    Hello guys,

    Am Nithin , I and my colleague are now in organic farming with optimized use of resources available and to get the maximum yield out of the land without spoiling the soil. This involves several steps which includes regaining life to the soil and all. We need all your support and help right now we are generating a report to show organic farming can be done economical way. My colleague is a bio scientist working on this. For any updates contact us at 8281575844
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  13. vasudevan

    vasudevan New Member

    i have my farm in between Chennai and Bangalore highway. If interested, please let me know.
  14. kabyasri

    kabyasri New Member

    Pls contact me for stevia framing , I am interested. 8455818941
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  15. nitindsharma

    nitindsharma New Member

    Hi, I am interested to work for Patanjali, as a contract farming, I have more than 1 acre land in U P in Badaun, which can be used for farming, herbs and other valuable goods, please contact me, Nitin Sharma: 9911674441.
  16. colleoin

    colleoin New Member

    Presently I have 18 access of farm land and would be interested.
  17. colleoin

    colleoin New Member

    Presently I have 18 access of farm land and would be interested.
  18. haseenam

    haseenam New Member

    Hi I have around 20acres land to cultivate organic farms.With all seasons water facility and electricity and easy transportation.my land is lacated 50kms far from kadapa in Andrapradesh.But need a help of investment from your side.If you are intrested you can contact us on:8142008878
  19. raja sekhar harish

    raja sekhar harish New Member

    Hi I'm already cultivating organic rice, by using cow dung and much more If you want that product you can contact me my contact number is 8008432112 and my mail I'd is rajsekhar.r6@gmail.com
  20. chittaranjan behura

    chittaranjan behura New Member

    I am interested in contract farming in my 10 acre organic land at Baleswar in Odisha. If you are interested, pls get connected with me.
    Chittaranjan beghure
    chiytaranjan 2006@gmail.com

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