Wanted Wanted Farmer Certificate in Maharashtra.

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  1. ghogare

    ghogare New Member

    Want farmer certificate in Maharashtra
    what is the process to get farmer certificate
    pl guide if anyone knows
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  2. bhaskarkolambe

    bhaskarkolambe New Member

    if u redy for expence in advance to e i give u guaranty for make direct farmer with genuin 7/12 t your name.
    nt a fake & froud
    07066623757 wts app
  3. vivekdesi

    vivekdesi New Member

    to need to get farmer certificate you have to be farmer. you should have your own farming land with your name indorsed on 7/12 . In maharastra only farmer can buy agriculture land.If you have that you can applied with priscribed form to and attached with original 7/12.and apply in nearest setu offce.
  4. nileshhk

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  5. greenlandfns

    greenlandfns Well-Known Member

    You can buy farm land without farmer certificate only in Kerala State, in India. If you want farmer certificate (to buy farm land in other states of India), we can help you. You should be ready to meet the price and expenses for buying and keeping at least 50 cents of farm land for minimum 3-6 months in your name in Kerala, and after obtaining the certificate you can sell it a higher price too. We provide all assistance for doing this process and also for selling the land after you get the certificate. Land price and expenses at minimum level will be around 3-5 lakhs, depending on location of available land. Of this, land price alone will be Rs. 3-4 lakhs and this you will get back with a premium through selling the land after 3-6 months.
    If you want these services, please contact us with your complete contact details: greenlandfns@gmail.com
  6. kapilv

    kapilv New Member

    We make farmer certificate by purchase 13guntha agriculture land on your name in rajasthan, Without farmer certificate you can't purchase agriculture land in Maharashtra. All the property papers come to your name, like register agriment, online 7/12( jamabandi) and farmer certificate.
    We charge only 45000/- including all expenses.
    Please call - 09167559434
  7. chirag

    chirag New Member

    Kapil ji more than 15 months passed you have yet not paid the part payment of Satish Desai of Pune's file. And also not answering the phone calls. How lazy you are. Chirag Gajjar
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