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  1. jk sharma

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    We need a qualified manager for cultivation of medicinal planting
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  2. my farm

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    we are the manufacturer of organic compost / manure from food waste cow dung and micro organisms . Its 100% organic in nature. Very good results on potato, tomato, oninons, pompgranate, papaya, grapes, mango, chikoo, shitafal (custerd apple), ramfal, banana, bor, cane, orange and all the fruits and vegetables. Actually it gives best results on any plant in horticulture and agriculture. Its very good for every plant and tree.

    its available in 50 kg bags - 600/- is mrp. if you purchase in quantity, dealer rates will be applicable. transportation extra. Result guaranteed.

    for more details may contact pankaj mali on 9011049301.
  3. maarifalhind

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    You can contact me for farm manager. I can help you.
    (Agriculture Consultant & Agro-Homeopath)
    Contact no. 07017965455/09058000145
    Email- maarifalhind@outlook.com
  4. venkcae3

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    hi sir I am venkat and I have good experience in medicinal plants cultivation please contact me 9666647177
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