Wanted Wanted dairy farm Project for 300 buffaloes.

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  1. rkkaluva

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    Dear sir,
    I require a project report for Dairy farm for 300 Buffaloes. Plz send me
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  2. devnsarkar

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    GGDFCS India – Consultancy Summary
    We develops your Farm Dairy Project / Various Milk Products Process Unit at your own Agro – Commercial land area and with Complete infrastructure for Farm sector based on Productive herd , shed design and construction , bio gas and waste re-cycling management , milking parlor , Milking machines , vaccines , dairy lab equipments , medicines , productive and reproductive technologies , Vety. Clinic set up , cooling equipments , dairy farm sanitizers , nutrition for productive animals , routine shed + milking + feeding + breeding + various milk products unit with process section management , Milk Processing plant with capacity 10 K – 1.0 Lac / LPD including specific products , Cattle Feed Unit , Manpower management with HY Dairy Cows & Buffaloes , etc
    On Farm sector ,
    we provides complete infrastructure development with techno-commercial implementation on scientific basis.. Breed wise parent stock selection with procurement & supply of adults and growers. Also establish the complete comfort shed management , preventive health care , feeding systems with fodder & grazing management , breeding , calving & hygiene management to support various growth parameters in Dairy Farming …
    Dr. Dev N Sarkar ,
    dnsarkar41419@gmail.com [ 09424824775 / 09424529457 ]
    Geet-Govind Dairy & Farm Consultancy Services..
    Ratlam (M.P.) / Dholpur (Rajasthan)..
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  3. devnsarkar

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    Dear Dairy Farm Project Promoter ---- Plz call me with full details.. Dr. Dev N Sarkar [[ GGDFCS ]]
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