Wanted Wanted cattle food (dry grass / paddy straw, oilcake and bran) needed.

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  1. raghavocf

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    We are looking for food for cows at our cattle farm. We are in need of Punnakku (Oil Cake), Thavudu (Bran) and Vaikol (Paddy Straw) in bulk and regular supply.

    Please contact if you can supply us.
  2. ritikavmg

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  3. reva007

    reva007 New Member

    where are you located?
  4. fresh paddy straw

    fresh paddy straw New Member

    We can supply fresh paddy straw from Thanjavur area. Contact 9943430112
  5. raghavocf

    raghavocf New Member

    Hi, I am located in Hosur. Do you have Paddy straws now?
  6. rajesharide

    rajesharide New Member

    Hello, I can provide you paddy straw ( Vaikol) on regular basis. If interested, please contact me on rajesharide@gmail.com
  7. manveer12

    manveer12 New Member

    We can supply you corn silage. If you interested.
    Please let me know

    The Green Earth
  8. jann5771

    jann5771 Member

    We wil supply all u need for cattle feed. Regular basis. pls contact 9787425932
  9. khedekar33

    khedekar33 New Member

    You belong from which state??

    I need silage in Maharashtra
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