Wanted Wanted button mushroom spawn.

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by linutjames, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. linutjames

    linutjames New Member

    I need button mushroom spawn. Is there any agency that may send it through Currier service?
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  2. greenlandfns

    greenlandfns Active Member

    Yes. We can send it by courier from Bangalore on full advance payment. Please mail quantity you require, and your contact details/address to E: greenlandfns@gmail.com
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  3. akyenni

    akyenni New Member

    What is the cost per kg of button mushroom spawn?.
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  4. divya shetty

    divya shetty New Member

    I need the training to grow a mushroom....
  5. ray230

    ray230 New Member

    I require agaricus bitorqui spawns. Is it available. Please contact me on thongamba@yahoo.com and 9854025430

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