Wanted Wanted agricultural land 100-200 acres in Madhya Pradesh or Rajasthan .

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  1. lalitmv

    lalitmv New Member


    I am looking to buy Agricultural land 100-200 acres in Madhya Pradesh or Rajasthan

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  2. ds200784

    ds200784 New Member

    Agriculture land available in Maharashtra
    Konkan Raigad district
    Contact- 7843097793
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  3. We have 1000 acres in tamilnadu
    Acres 2.5laks can negotiate
    Interested candidate can call me @ 7842528559
    Cheapest land in tamilnadu,redsoil,resorts,factories,etc right place invest now
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  4. vikash18

    vikash18 New Member

    Hii.... I want to sell my agriculture land 350 bigha land in datia district(mp) . My contact no is 7354057472 & 8770531292.. Please call me
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  5. manveer12

    manveer12 New Member

    Hello Lalit Ji

    I have a land in Madhya Pradesh district khargone & khandwa. If you are interested to purchase land. Please let me know.

    Manveer Singh
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  6. csbeniwal

    csbeniwal New Member

    I have land in rajashthan
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  7. csbeniwal

    csbeniwal New Member

    I have land call me 9991115024
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  8. csbeniwal

    csbeniwal New Member

    Land available on lease on ncr also contact 9991115024
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  9. kanwaljit sangha

    kanwaljit sangha New Member

    need land for agri 500 acre cheap
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  10. vilashgarg

    vilashgarg New Member

    Dear Lalit ji!
    If you're interested in a plot of ag. land of say 200 Acres to 2000 Acres, @ Rs. 2,50,000=00 per Acre, in Panna District of M.P., you may contact me immediately: Mob. Nos. 9981541105 or 8959965533
    Vilash Garg
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  11. yadav harish

    yadav harish New Member

    Dear Mr lalit,

    I can match the land as per your requirement in badau or some parts of Uttar Pradesh price ranging from 3.50 lakh per acre to 5 lakhper acre as per location of land. As you may know U.P land are good fertile. Water level 20 ft to 70 ft only. Crops suitable are rice, sugarcaneetc. Call me 9467694004
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  12. jpguptadr1981

    jpguptadr1981 New Member

    let me know the details of your land
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  13. jpguptadr1981

    jpguptadr1981 New Member

    my contact details 8600241444
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  14. property00

    property00 New Member

    300 Acres Sale Land in Budaun Uttar Pradesh India.

    Agriculture purpose very good soil and water condition…..clear title Budaun up

    Price -4.5lac/acres

    (Same Land of River Side Price 2.5 Lac/Acres To 3.50lac/Acres)

    Land Suitable for:

    1) Horticulture 2) Floriculture 3) Sericulture 4) vegiculture 5) Poultry-farming 6) Dairy Farming 7) Bee-keeping , etc. Land Suitable for:

    1. Agricultural Purposes.

    2. Industrial purposes

    3. Solar Energy purposes

    Location:- UP and MP

    Cheap land other District

    contact :- M.P Singh 9690049348
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  15. manveer12

    manveer12 New Member

    Please let me know your interest regarding purchase of land in mp

    Manveer Singh
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  16. 500 acre cheap land in tamilnadu 1.8 laks,500 acres
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  17. anbulin

    anbulin New Member

    Hello Devendran,

    I would like to buy agri land with 10-15 acre in size,Please let me know your mobile number or mail id for contact.Thanks.
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  18. vikash18

    vikash18 New Member

    I want to sell my own land. Price 4 lacs per bigha. My contact no is 7354057472 & 8770531292
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  19. please share your number
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  20. sin123

    sin123 Member

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