Wanted Want to tie up the company which provide contract farming in stevia plants

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by shamsherattri, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. shamsherattri

    shamsherattri New Member

    Sir, i want to tie up the company which provide contract farming in stevia plants. Pls give me the detail of such companies
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  2. pioneeragri

    pioneeragri New Member

    Please contact us. We provide the same services for long range of medicinal herbs and aromatic crops.

    Dr Ubaid Khan
    Senior Consultant
    Pioneer Aromatics & Agri Solutions
    09889478275, 09452268275
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  3. ksrmd

    ksrmd New Member

    I am interested in stevia farming. what type of help you can provide in supply of saplings and it's agricultural procedures from start.
    the buyback arrangements is a must. my WhatsApp no.9444673556 and email ksrmdas@gmail.com
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  4. gurpreetkhalsa

    gurpreetkhalsa New Member

    You can contact with www.paramfoundation.com patiala punjab or pitanjali haridwar.
    All the best.
    Save trees love your environment.
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  5. shabbirkumar

    shabbirkumar New Member

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  6. shabbirkumar

    shabbirkumar New Member

    I had an opportunity to contact to above mentioned ParamFoundation's offices on Stevia but they are no more dealing with Stevia etc.
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