Question Want detailed information about aloe vera farming.

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by sushil5295, May 17, 2017.

  1. sushil5295

    sushil5295 New Member

    I want detailed information about aloe vera farming. I have 6 bigha land in Rajasthan. Can I earn good money by aloevera farming
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  2. dhanamvmg

    dhanamvmg Support Team Staff Member

  3. deepsmunjal

    deepsmunjal New Member

    I am also from rajasthan (ganganagar)
    Where r u from.
    I know little bit about alovera framing and buyer too. i have a suggestions for you.
    call me or shre your number.

  4. jankisingh

    jankisingh New Member

    For it you can contact to 7905264770
  5. aloveradreams

    aloveradreams New Member

    Any query for alovera farming contact me on 9571032310
  6. rajeevoli

    rajeevoli New Member

    I want to start alovera farming please help me where to find the plants for plantation, how much time it will take to grow to sell in the market and also the buyers near Shamli, UP.
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  7. govindkumar

    govindkumar New Member

    Hi rajeev,

    i am also doing aloe vera farming
    im purchaging the plants if you need so plsease cont me..
    8750058522 for aloe vera farming

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