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    Vivasaan is an Indian startup which is started by Students, techies and Indian Farmers. Vivasaan is founded by Paridhi Raj from chennai. This team is ventured into proving the ancient farming and future technologies in an integrated manner, in accordance with the emerging technological advances and state of the art requirements, both in the technology and agriculture scenario. The Vivasaan consists of enthusiastic and dynamic engineers, who have a comprehensive approach towards design and development, thereby, making them well knit. The engineers in the team experiment with new methodologies that can be incorporated in future projects. Last but not the least our motto is
    Learn from the Nature..
    IMG_20190115_210714_073.jpg [​IMG] Learn for the Nature..
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    Dear Vivasaan
    We are interested to startup a new technology farming activity with our own lands. We want to discuss with your team in this regards. Pl send your contact number and person to deal with this in Chennai to email My contact no. is 9842762247
    S Gnanasekar
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    No reply against my request above. You have posted your profile without any contact number. How can the members contact you?
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    can connect with me @ interested in integrated farming guidance - 9448426144

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