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    Hello all,

    I would like to do tree farming in my 3 acre land out of Hunsur which is 40km from Mysore. Can you provide some information about:

    A. Which kind of tree I can go about. Nearby farmers have planted Teak, Silver Oak.
    B. How many years I would need to keep them.
    C. How many trees I can plant in single acre.
    D. Do I need to plan for any drip irrigation.
    E. Should I go for multiple trees or single tree will be good.
    F. What would be average realisation post 5, 10 or 15 years.
    G. What kind of maintenance is required as I am currently working in Chennai
    F. Where can I get samplings. Should I go for tissue based or stem based?

    Sorry for lots of questions.
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    If you are interested, we can offer to plant diverse fruit and other valuable trees free of cost and maintain it while we use the land for raising nursery of herbs and spices. This means that we will not pay lease rent: Instead of the lease rent, we plant the trees and maintain them for the period we will be using the land. We need it for a minimum of 3-5 years and within this period the trees planted will start giving income to you. We can do planting and maintenance of a minimum number of fruits and other valuable trees free of cost as per your interest and decision. Any additional trees to be planted, you can bear the cost. If interested in this offer, please revert to us with exact location of the land, land details including water source, road access, google map pin etc and your contact details by mail to E:
    We need to inspect the land to take a final decision regarding suitability of the land for our purpose.
    Please see details of our activities and services in our diverse posts in this site: Well-Known Member: greenlandfns.
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    for advice please contact 9965449862
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    Please contact us for guidance and for bank loan

    G.Ananda Rao B.Sc(Ag)
    Retd Agricultural Officer & Agricultural Banker
    Vijaya Agro Consultants
    Vijayawada -13
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    Pl contact us for TIMBER PLANTATION HELP:

    SARONISIVAKUMAR. B.Sc(Horticulture)
    Horticulture consultant,
    Saroni Agri Farm Development Services,
    WhatsApp: 9842157331& 6381341569.
    Mail to:
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