Question Tax on melia dubia plantation and sale business?!.

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  1. vpt_qatar

    vpt_qatar New Member

    Hi all,

    I being an NRI would like to settle down and start melia dubia plantation in Kerala.
    I would like to know whether the income generated from the same will be taxed or not.
    If yes then how it would be, please explain.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. shwethasvmg

    shwethasvmg Support Team Staff Member

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  3. kany1705

    kany1705 New Member

    Hello sir/madam,
    I'll supply for all kind of packet plant.
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  4. prasadpra

    prasadpra New Member

    Hello,we have genuine healthy melia dubiadubia plants of 1.5 to 2 ft hight plants.contect9964803956.

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