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    “I started cultivating mushrooms in 1990 as a hobby when I was pursuing degree course in Bangalore but later got into the business of mushroom production,” recalls. Dr. Prasad M P, Chairman and Managing Director. He established Tarunyas International in Bangalore in 2015. It is engaged in mushroom and mushroom spawn production and R&D of the same. Initially it was set as Tarunyas International Foods but changed to the present name in April 2016.
    Dr. Prasad M P  Tarunyas Musroomos 6.png
    “Having done microbiology and running a contract research and life science training lab we used to do a lot of research on mushroom. After lab shut down in 2015, some of the microbiology instruments were with us so I decided to start a mushroom and mushroom spawn production unit as private spawn producers are unable to give quality spawn owing to non-science background,” he explains. The other reason was to bring awareness as button mushrooms had already captured the market and people were unaware that there are other varieties of mushrooms which are good both nutritionally and taste wise, thus providing Oyster and Milky mushrooms to the market. The company have full fledged production unit and do not procure from outside.
    Tarunyas Oyster Mushroom 1 a.jpg
    “We have an advanced production unit of 1 ton per day capacity, we have fully automated instruments for boiling and sterilization of the sorghum and also separate temperature controlled growth chambers for the spawn,” he provides insights on the infrastructure. They have separate sterile area for mother culture preparation, R&D lab and microbiology lab with, “Instruments to check the purity of mother cultures and spawn,” he shares, “We have plans of setting up an automated bag filling machine which can reduce time and labour.”

    The company has a production capacity of about 500 kgs of spawns per day and is currently producing about 300-400 kgs of spawns per day. “We are planning to increase the production slowly to 1ton per day capacity of Oyster and Milky put together by 2017.” The annual production figure is about 10-15 tons.
    Tarunyas king Oyster Mushroom 2 a.jpg
    The spawns are sold to farmers on prior booking and payment terms. They charge INR 75 per kg of spawn; transportation cost are charged separately. Mother cultures are sold for INR 500 per plate/tube and INR 250 for a mother spawn bottle which can be further propagated. “We are also dealing with Ready to Fruit Bags, which means farmers need not take the trouble of cutting, boiling and pasteurizing of hay and filling of bags which are labour intensive. They need to just buy the bags and follow simple procedure and harvest the Mushrooms,” Dr. Prasad highlights. The bags are sold at INR 75 for a 3kg bag.

    The mushrooms are sold locally at Bangalore and its rural parts and some portion at Andhra Pradesh. Packaging ranges from 200 gm packets to 1kg packets. It is sold at INR 130-150 per kg.
    Tarunyas Butter Mushroom 3 a.jpg
    “The major challenge of mushroom is to create awareness amongst the common public regarding the health benefits of consuming mushroom and supplying of these mushrooms at the shortest available time so as to retain the freshness,” Dr Prasad points out. “Regarding value added products as the concept is new it will take time for people to realise the taste and value and acceptability is slow, we intend to have a separate marketing team to create visibility of our products to the general public as marketing is the major issue.”

    Additionally Dr Prasad points out, “It is purely a vegetarian food filled with all the required protein, vitamins and other nutrients. It has many medicinal properties and studies have shown it to be a mini pharmaceutical entity in itself. So including mushrooms in daily diet will help keep a healthy body and mind.”
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    “As mushrooms have very high nutritional and medicinal properties we are also planning to start with mushroom value addition products like mushroom pickles, mushroom soup powder, mushroom ketchup, mushroom papads, mushroom fortified sambar and rasam powder and also some instant food products which are health based.” He shares his future plans. “We are planning to set up a production unit for Shitake mushroom in the future for our products and sales.” Dr Prasad envisions to set a brand of Tarunyas “which will be seen in every Kitchen shelf in India and abroad.”
    Tarunyas Shitake Mushroom 5 a.jpg
    Dr. Prasad M P has done M.Sc and PhD in Microbiology from Bangalore University. He has over 200 research publications in various reputed journals and nearly 100 presentations in various International and National Conferences and Awards.

    Contact details:
    Tarunyas International
    2nd Cross, Near Bright School,
    Vivekananda Nagar,
    Hoskote, Bengaluru Rural,
    Bengaluru – 562 114.
    Phone: 9844357929
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