Article Surekha Vijay Kalel - specializes in goat insemination. Deals in four breeds

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    Specializes in goat insemination. Deals in four breeds

    70% success rate in goat artificial insemination, consistent follow up on the health check of the herd and a phone call away are the distinctive features of service offered by Ms. Surekha Vijay Kalel. She hails from small village called Jamboli in Satara district, Maharashtra. “Initially I was a farmer but on receiving an opportunity from Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Foundation to upgrade myself I instantly took it up. I attended the training course on goat rearing and subsequently artificial insemination organized by the foundation in partnership with NARI. And since then there is no looking back!” she shares.
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    Ms. Surekha has her own goat experimental goat farm. “I first started goat farming hence I could understand the characteristics and behavioural pattern of the goats very well. Hence the experience of managing goats came handy to me when I learnt about artificial insemination. May be that could explain my fairly good success rate of the insemination,” she adds humbly. Boar, Damascus, Alpine Cross and Osmanabadi are the four breeds she manages.

    “Boer breed is excellent for weight gain. It gains 25-30 kg weight in three months unlike native breeds that weigh 15-18 kg/three months. Damascus is the high milk yielding breed. It gives 2.5-3 liter milk/day contrast to other breeds that yield 0.5-1 liter/day. Alpine Cross breed is blend of Boer and Damascus. It is best for increasing the herd size as doe usually delivers twin kids. Osmanabadi is the most-sought-after breed as people are addicted to its’ meat taste,” she elaborates. All four breeds are preferred for artificial insemination varying on the farm owners’ preference and choice. Ms. Surekha sources semen of these four breeds from NARI Organization, Phaltan at nominal rates.

    “I buy 100-200 semen straw in total in 1-1.5 months and store in liquid nitrogen to ensure the quality of the semen remains intact. The liquid is changed in the semen storing container once in four days. Buying price of one straw is Rs. 25,” she adds. Artificial insemination success depends on many factors along with the proficiency of the person injecting the goat.
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    Once the call from the goat farmer is received all the details are taken and necessary instructions are given. The goat needs to be injected between 10-12 hours after it comes on heat. “If it is injected early or later than 10-12 hours then the process fails. We provide awareness to the goat farmers about the technical aspects. Even after giving the dosage there are certain precautions mandatory to be taken. We inform the same to the clients,” she asserts. 15 days later the follow up call is made to find out if the process is successful or failed. All the information is documented because it is long term association with all the clients. “It is crucial to know the history of the goat.” First dosage is charged at Rs. 150 and if failed the second dosage is given at Rs. 75.

    Ms. Surekha was one woman army when she started this venture however slowly she developed the team of five people. Good success rate and most important the consistent follow up increased the demand for artificial insemination in more villages. “So I trained five village women to assist in meeting the calls for artificial insemination. They have learnt well and performing satisfactorily. They all have 50% success rate,” she informs. Presently she is offering her services in 50 villages.

    In time to come she wants to expand her operations and open her own medical doctor. “I want to have all purpose goat treatment medical shop. The store would have all the medicines required for goat health. It shall make things easy for the goat farmers,” she shares.

    “Life had been challenging but learning new skills helped to overpower the problems and open doors towards growth and prosperity. Hope it shall continue further..” signs off Ms. Surekha.

    Contact details:
    Ms. Surekha Vijay Kalel
    Jambhulani Village, Pulkoti Post,
    Mann Taluk,
    Satara District - 415509
    Phone: 097309 82072
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