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    Aggarwal Impex (formerly Santosh Herb Centre), a Delhi based Agrobase Products company is headed by Mr. Santosh Gupta and Mr. Om Aggarwal as its CEO. The company is a wholesaler, trader of all major cooking spices in bulk and also for export.

    Some of their chief products include Turmeric (finger and Volves), Turmeric Curcuma 6% and original black turmeric.

    Black Turmeric

    Aggarwal Impex is a supplier of 100% original black turmeric (Kali Haldi) which is known for its medicinal uses in fighting cancer. It is also effectively used for treating asthma and bronchitis. Primarily grown in South India, some of the uses of black turmeric are:

    - It is used as a cooking spice in a variety of dishes
    - It is used in herbal treatments of migraine and epilepsy
    - It helps in alleviating wounds and bruises
    - It is used to curb rheumatic pain
    - It is used as a cure for cough and cold in children
    - It helps in reducing toothaches
    - It has anti-cancer properties


    For purchase enquiries, please use the contact information below:

    Aggarwal Impex
    C-26 Street No. 2 (GurudwarewaliGali)
    Mehandru Enclave
    Delhi – 110033
    Phone: Om Aggarwal - 9136725855
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    Dear Shri. Om Aggarwal,
    Please mail price quote for Black Turmeric and other spices you can supply (including planting materials if you can supply them) with complete specifications/quality grade parameters/phyto-chemical/oleoresin/essential oil content levels etc and prices per kg for wholesale/bulk supply. Please mail with product images and your contact details to E:
    You can see our details in other posts in this site.
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    We are also doing contract farming of Black turmeric ( Curcuma Caesia ) and Black Ginger ( Kaempferia parviflora ) , Kaempferia Galanga , in West Bengal . For your contract farming purpose pl contact through whatsapp : 8017817285 or email :

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    I have black turmeric (curcuma caesia) approx. 5 metric tonne. I want to sell it out. Pliz contact:9615670387, 7005461431
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    Please mail images of C.caesia, K.parviflora, K. Galanga and other products you have, along with target price per kg you are looking for and quantity you can supply. We are also looking for planting materials (mother rhizomes)/saplings of these. Please see our details in other posts in this site. Please mail to E:
  6. greenlandfns

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    Please mail images of the stock along with target price you are looking for. Please see our details in other posts in this site. Please mail to E;
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    Hi sir ,

    I have black turmeric, please feel free to contact 8414801509
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    Sir what is the target price of black ginger and black Turmeric we can supply. Inbox me details
  9. themia

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    We can can supply quality seed rhizome for both kindly whatapp 8787816872
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    Buyers for domestic, export for following products please contact with Qty requirement for detailed offer on spot.

    Black Peppercorn
    White Peppercorn
    Green Cardamom

    there are many variants,
    offer based on specific requirement with Qty indication.
    With/Without Sterilization process - certified as per ESTA.

    Please note, offer is valid for 3 days max as we control inventory,
    otherwise offer for these products are less than 16 hours basis*

  11. themia

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    If you have requirement of black ginger and black Turmeric we can supply. We are from dimapur Nagaland you may send email to
  12. venkcae3

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    I can supply black turmeric up to 10 metric tonns contact 9666647177 for more details
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    I need black turmeric... For further cultivation.... Kindly contact us at nabam.rovee@gmail. Com with regard
  14. venkcae3

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    i can supply please contact 9666647177

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