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    Diversifies into goat farming for more profits. Engaged in breeding and selling the kids

    “Goat breeding is surely profitable if done with passion and perseverance. It can lead to good income from either breeding or selling the goat for meat. I found breeding and selling the goat kids to be more profitable than the later. Goat farmers from far away distance personally visit my farm for the kid purchase. I get the price that I quote because the buyers know the breeding stock in my farm is healthy and sturdy,” shares Mr. Subhash Rohidas Mayekar.
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    He is third generation farmer. He grows cash crops in his 20 acres farm located at Pimpalgaon, Beed district, Maharashtra. He took up goat farming in 2005. Osmanabadi female goats and boer male goats are reared at the farm. “We cross-breed these two breeds. Osmanabadi female goats usually conceive two or three kids at a time and deliver thrice in two years. So it is the best amongst all the breeds. Boer goat has good body built and is resistant to diseases. Subsequently the goat kids born have best features of both breeds. New born kid gain weight quickly and mortality is negligible in my farm,” he explains. Besides, these two breeds grow well in the climatic conditions of the village. The kids gain 25-30 kg weight in 5-6 months.

    Breeding is gainful but brings lot of responsibility. Immense care and look after is very important as the goat kids need constant monitoring of feed and overall growth. “In addition we are extremely particular about the timely vaccination. We have veterinarian visiting our farm for general check up and vaccination. Further he is just a phone call away in case of any emergency,” shares Mr. Mayekar. Maintaining cleanliness in the farm and ample of water availability are two important requisites for goat farming.
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    He began goat farming with 20 herd size. “I wanted to utilize the by-products of my farm in something useful. I used to regularly get husk of soyabean, pulses, maize etc. So dry fodder was easily available and also the space hence I decided to diversify in goat farming. Later I began growing green fodder in the farm itself for the goats. The new business was started without much expectations but we always worked sincerely consequently it proved to be a profitable venture,” he describes the reason to commence goat farming.

    The initial investment done was shed construction 100 * 60 ft. The cost incurred was Rs. 8 lakh. “I ensured the shed is designed and constructed systematically with good arrangement for stall fed and water. We have lot of space for animals to move freely. The dung is collected easily as the floor is well maintained and has well-built flooring,” he adds. Goat dung is used as manure in the farm. Feed is given in a planned way ensuring goats get balanced diet every day.
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    Throwing some light on the goat pricing he says, “Pricing is reasonable because adult as well kids are sold from the farm gate. I don’t want to spend too much time and effort in transporting the animals. Good quality and affordable price is the key to my success in this business. I sell the goat kids to other goat farmers at Rs. 400-500/kg while adult goats at Rs. 200-300/kg to the traders.”

    Mr. Mayekar recommends every farmer to engage in goat farming activity as it is easy to rear the animal, selling is not a problem because market demand is most of the time steady and goat dung makes excellent manure. The return on investment is must faster and risk is less when compared with other agricultural ventures. In future, he plans to expand his goat farming operations by setting up a new and bigger shed and increasing the herd size to 50. “Farming needs sincere work and dedication. If farmers give their 100% they would attain 200% profits,” he concludes.

    Contact details:
    Mr. Subhash Rohidas Mayekar
    At Pimpalgaon, Post Beluqa, Taluk Majalgaon,
    District Beed, Maharashtra
    Phone: 09822446872
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    I want female boer goat
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    I want to start new firm of goat farming ,kindly help me out
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