Sale Sheep for Sale (Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh)

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  1. Sheep for sale Kadapa
    All sheep are healthy, Vaccinated and deworming done.
    PPR, ET and HS vaccinated.
    Deworming done

    All sheep which are above 20kg are for sale.
    My business strategy is each sheep will gain 40kg of minimum body weight.

    If you buy sheep of 20 to 30 kg and sale it each when they gain minimum of 10kg you will be benefited by 2000 minimum in 2 months, each month sheep will gain 5kg body weight.

    Contact me on 9849282281

    Advantage taking from my farm is all sheep are Vaccinated and dewormed, no risk of viral diseases.

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  2. zavi07

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    Hi arsha,

    can you share your number or alternatively call me on 8810916174. we are interested in buying.


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