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    Working on introducing WarkaWater technology in India to resolve water crisis in the farmland

    Warka Water Technology implies harvesting condensed water from the air in bamboo towers.

    These towers are the vertical structure made from bamboo. Mr. Selva Ganapathy explains in simple words, “The entire technology is based on principle of condensation. The moisture in the air is condensed that is cooled inside the bamboo tower so that it turns into water droplets and is collected immediately.” It is the natural way of harvesting the condensed water that requires no power or fuel to run the tower. “It is 100% environment friendly.”

    Mr. Selva Ganapathy, 33, Chemical Engineer, presently is working at IIT Chennai as Technical Superintendent. He has been connected with Rural India for past 13 years through volunteering in various projects of AID India Organization, Chennai based NGO. “I have closely witnessed farmers’ struggle due to water scarcity. Moved with it I wanted to provide them the solution inspite of all constraints therefore when I found out about success of Warka Water technology in fulfilling the water issues in villages in Ethopia I decided to replicate the same concept in India!” he shares the drive behind introducing the unique technology in Indian villages.


    The technology was first developed by Arturo Vittori and team. The first pilot tests were taken in Ethopia villages. “The design of bamboo structure was available but we wanted to have our design to harvest fog in drought hit area. That was the initial idea! Later we worked on collecting condensed water,” he adds.

    The first bamboo tower is under-construction in a small village near Salem, Tamil Nadu. “The area is surrounded by hills so there is too much wind flow. It was our biggest challenge to make the tower stable due to wind. We then decided to use iron road to make it steady,” shares Mr. Ganapathy. The tower soon shall be operational.

    Mr. Ganapathy is of the opinion that these towers are apt particularly for coastal regions where humidity level is very high. “In addition the water from the water bodies cannot be used for agriculture being saline in nature hence the water collected in the bamboo towers shall be fit for irrigating the fields,” he elaborates. Once the tower is operational it works round the clock.

    The entire project is funded from the crowd sourcing and Salem Citizen Forum. “I have raised some funds from the crowd to meet the cost of materials required to put up the bamboo tower. Rest the Salem Citizen Forum is providing complete financial and construction support. I have given them the initial design but later they did the required re-design of the tower. In addition they have taken the responsibility for monitor the progress and final construction of the tower,” he shares. Rs. 50 thousand is expense incurred in installing one tower. Approximately 12-13 ton bamboo is required for constructing on tower unit.

    When asked if the technology would disturb the rains, he clarifies, “It will not have any effect on rains. The amount of moisture content in the air is enormous while through the technology we are taking a very small percentage of the condensed water so it will have negligible effect. It is as simple as collecting the water droplets from the car surface before crack of dawn”

    WarkaWater Technology is being experimented for the first time in the country. “It is an attempt to help farmers with their water requirements for farming. We are hopeful it would work and give desired results,” signs off Mr. Ganapathy.

    Contact details:
    Mr. Selva Ganapathy
    AID India, 45, Pycrofts Road, 1st Street, Royapettah, Chennai 600014
    Mobile: 09790951652
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    Hi Selva, This is a very interesting concept. Could you share with me some of your results and how would you rate the results - encouraging - disappointing - needs improvement in design, etc.? I would like to know more. Thank you. Prashant Naik
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    @PR Selva shall be participating in the forum soon. Have you heard about this technology earlier? Or any other technique that might be potential solutions to agricultural challenges?
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    Extracting Clean Drinking Water from the Air - Will it quench the thirst?

    In India, Jalimudi, a remote and tiny village in Andhra Pradesh was the first to experiment this technology and found success.

    Jalimudi Village Project - YouTube

    Israel’s company ‘Water-Gen’ has built devices that create and store drinking water by harvesting condensation from the air. The field trials are going on in Mumbai, India and Shanghai, China.
    The products may be rolled out to Indian market soon.

    Check their website:

    There are other companies world wide trying to make this technology affordable and looks like it's gradually gaining momentum.

    Check the below link of slew of suppliers:
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    Great Work!! Mr. Selva Ganapathy its a cool man!

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