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    Invents solar operated sprayer and green fodder producing hydroponic machine

    Mr. Sangappa Basappa Sankanagouda understands the problems faced by the farmers in agriculture, keenly observes the difficulties, analyzes the same and develops the machine to make farming easy! It was tough journey but the young man made it through! He belongs to a farmer’s family hence his childhood was spent on the farmland. As a child he used to feel aghast seeing all the difficulties in manual farming. He always looked for a solution. Finally while studying Agricultural Engineering he got an opportunity to convert his ideas into real machine. Two of his innovations are solar based sprayer and green fodder producing hydroponic machine. He shares the details on these machine and his future plans. Excerpts:

    Spraying Machine

    The conventional sprayer available in the market is heavy and has poor efficiency. When I used to work in the fields, I used manual sprayer. It used to take 5 hours to spray in 1acre. Further it had wide wheels and weighed around 5-6tonnes. Sprayer harms the soil when taken to the fields. Besides it is difficult to take as farmers maintain different distance between the rows. These were the practical problems faced by the farmers in regard to sprayer.
    Mr Sangappa with his spraying machine 1.jpg
    Looking at these problems I developed a three wheel sprayer. It has two wheels in front and one hind wheel. We can adjust the hind wheel by sliding that is left or right. We can adjust the distance between the front two wheels as well as according to the distance between the rows. The height of the sprayer can be adjusted up to 9 feet if the crops are high. It can spray the organic manures and repellents along with chemical based farming inputs. It works using the solar power.

    I have fixed the solar panel in such a way that it will give shade to the user. Farmer would need to push the machine with the help of left handle and navigate the direction with right handle. It has 2-3 LED lights hence can be operated in night also. The efficiency is good, in 45 minutes spraying can be done in one acre. The sprinklers are fitted in the front that sprays in 4-6 rows at a time. Farmer can approximately spray 15acres per day. The battery if charged in sun for 8hours, it works for 7hours.

    During winters and rainy season when sunlight is unavailable the battery can be charged on DC. It gets charged in 3-4hours from the electricity. It needs 12Volt power. Only precaution required is that the battery should be protected from water or sparking. Battery life is around 2 years. It needs to be replaced once in 2 years. Battery costs about Rs. 1400. Rest there is no maintenance or recurring cost.

    Green Fodder Hydroponic Machine

    It is solar run machine to produce fodder for livestock. It produces 70kgs of green fodder hydroponically using 10 litre water. First and foremost farmer needs to soak the seeds for 24hours and keep it for two days to sprout. Third day, place the sprouts in a tray and set the temperature with the help of micro controller. Once the temperature is set for optimum, the sprayers start spraying water on the sprouts once in 3 hours. The sprouts will grow 12 inches in a span of 5-6days. It is then taken out and fed to the cattle.

    3 kg seeds provide 22 kg fodder using this machine. Farmer can grow 70 kg green fodder easily. 70 kg fodder is sufficient for 3 cattle. The quality of fodder is excellent. It surely would increase the milk quality and quantity. The machine is 6 ft wide, 8 ft long and 6 ft high. It has 14 parts namely solar panel, trays, stand, micro controller, controller, pump, nozzles etc. The solar energy is needed for temperature maintenance, sprayer and pump. Battery maintenance and replacement is same as spraying machine. It has an aluminium stand and trays are made up of fibre. The machine neither rusts nor needs any maintenance. It weighs 100 kg.
    Mr Sangappa with his hydroponic machine 2.jpg
    Conventionally to grow 70 kg fodder it would need 7000 litre water and 3acres land. In addition it would also incur the expense of labour and transportation. It is best to use the machine to make fodder available to the cattle right in its shed.

    3 years before in my village we faced extreme drought. Even dry feed was not available. It was hurtful to see so much hunger around so I decided to resolve the fodder scarcity. Therefore this machine was invented.

    I manufacture and sell the machines through my company, Solar Power Agriculture Engineering Enterprise. At the moment I am manufacturing the green fodder producing hydroponic machine. 15 days is the waiting period. Machine is manufactured only after collecting the advance payment. It costs Rs. 60, 000/machine. Services on controller and minute repairs are provided. Further the buyers are trained to make the routine repairs if any.

    Challenges faced were many but not worth mentioning instead I would like to say these machines are designed for the farmers to make farming effortless. In future I want to do farming myself and invent some more machines to simplify the process and improve the output. I foresee farmers adapting new technologies to earn and live better.

    (As told to Ms. Mamatha S R )

    Contact details:
    Solar Power Agriculture Engineering Enterprise
    Mr. Sangappa Basappa Sankanagouda
    At PO Shiraguppi, Taluk Jamakandi,
    District Bagalkot – 587119,
    Phone: 89515 93601
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    sir hw much cost
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    sir i want pommgranate plants medicines spraying possible
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    Hi! I'm from Bangladesh. I want to start a business of Hydroponic fodder system. I'd like to begin with distributorship of any established Indian fodder company. Or we can also start on a joint venture basis. I can provide with land, finances and regulatory support and would like get the support of technical know-how of the project. If any of you are interested or know any company interested to venture into Bangladesh, please let me know. Here I'd like to mention that Bangladesh is a very potential market and the opportunity for a Hydroponic fodder project is very high. This is basically of three reasons: 1. Dairy farming is flourishing in Bangladesh. 2. Scarcity of land. 3. Any hydroponic fodder company is yet to enter Bangladesh market.
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    Very nice.
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    Fantastic invention!

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