Wanted Require Contract Farmers for Medicinal Plants. High Returns. Assured Buyback.

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  1. tatvabotanicals

    tatvabotanicals New Member

    Tatva Botanicals is a leader in contract farming of several medicinal plants..
    Highly Profitable items
    100% assured buyback of entire crop
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  2. ra_viat123

    ra_viat123 New Member

    I like your profile, very interesting, I have 5 acre dry land, what can I grow, water only in rainy season, village waste water available, pls give any information
  3. I have land but no money to invrst
  4. vivek7382

    vivek7382 New Member

    I have full facilities you want
    17 acres land
    Water in all seasons
    Suggest me
    Call on 8238775275
  5. karnambhanu

    karnambhanu New Member

    Hi, please arrange for a callback at 9663380554 to discuss further on the contract Farming.
  6. kirtishete

    kirtishete New Member

    Hi i like your profile. I like to contact you. I have 13acrs agricultural land at yavatmal district in Maharashtra plz contact me for further information...

    Regards :-kirti shete
  7. vasuall

    vasuall New Member

    Dear Sir/madam,

    Kindly let me know if you can provide us the buyback facility in U.P near fatehpur.
  8. tatvabotanicals

    tatvabotanicals New Member

    Pls provide contact number.
  9. tatvabotanicals

    tatvabotanicals New Member

    We can provide buyback facility in Fatehpur, UP. You can contact us on 7836923176
  10. tatvabotanicals

    tatvabotanicals New Member

    We can offer timber projects like Melia Dubia, Poplar, Eucalyptus and Teak. We can also provide aromatic projects such as Lemongrass, Citronella and Palmarosa. These crops can be cultivated in rain-fed conditions with proper technique and care.
  11. greenlandfns

    greenlandfns Well-Known Member

    There are many herbs including high value herbs that can be grown as rain fed crops. To get further information about dry land herbal farming, please mail us your land details, location and contact details to E; greenlandfns@gmail.com
  12. greenlandfns

    greenlandfns Well-Known Member

    Where is your land? How much land is there? What facilities like electricity, water sources are there-around? Please mail us full details of land, location, contact details and we can get you investment with lowest interest on the security of the land, and can assist you in high value crops cultivation, and marketing of the products. Please see our diverse posts in this site. Please mail us details to E: greenlandfns@gmail.com
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  13. chaudhary14

    chaudhary14 New Member

    I have land and i want to grow aloe vera. Tell me about the buyback agreement of aloe vera.
  14. tatvabotanicals

    tatvabotanicals New Member

    Please contact us by mail info@tatvabotanicals.com or phone 7836923176 for further information.
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  15. aloeveraanmo

    aloeveraanmo New Member

    We are planning to grow up aloe vera plant in 5 acers initially. Later we are planning to extend upto 30 acers in Andrapradhesh. If you are interested to buy back contract then we are ready do forming. please share your thoughts on aloeveraanmo@gmail.com/9100175001 watsup
  16. spanjay

    spanjay New Member

    I have 56 acres of organic land in north eastern part of India. For contract farming please call me at 9831153548
  17. sammbhau

    sammbhau New Member

    just a acre of land in Thane district maharashtra , can that count , water road and electricity all available away from civilisation. contact num 8828000808, soil clear of all artificial fertilizers, pesticides etc,starting in june
  18. yadavsujankumar1

    yadavsujankumar1 New Member

    Hello eminent!
    I have 5 acres land in Andra Pradesh with full of water & electricity facilities & good connectivity to roads .
    It's fertile land too..
    What's our business plans ...
    Can you please share information to my email: yadavsujankumar@gmail.com
  19. agraj

    agraj New Member

    sir 1 acker agriland with good water source for all seasons reply shortly
  20. muthuramk10

    muthuramk10 New Member

    suggest good yielding medicinal herbs at hills of 3000 ft height. contact sonawoods@gmail.com or 9043011155

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