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  1. johnwalz

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    Finest raw Cashew run from West Africa for sale at reasonable prices and good shipping services..... Contact me on to get more info Abt our Raw Cashew Nuts...

    John Walter
  2. rakeshsivan

    rakeshsivan New Member

    Can you post some pictures of the product ? Grade/Price details ?
  3. johnwalz

    johnwalz New Member

    Year of crop: 2018
    Origin: West Africa Nigeria

    Nut count; 170-185



    Floating rate:5%

    Guaranteed out turn: 50-52LBS

    Packaging QTY: 80kg

    Export Capacity: 1000mt above


    Price Terms:1550/ton

    Payment terms: LC

    Price adjustment:1% reduction of price for every 1lbs below contracted guaranteed out turn in the contract

    Hoping to get a reply soon.

    Thank you
    Yours faithfully

    John Walter.

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