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    Rears four fish varieties to resolve water crisis in 50 acres farmland

    “Every year three months precisely March - May is the most difficult period for farming as there is absolutely no water! So in order to irrigate my farmland I got a borewell but could not get much water. Then taking advice from the agricultural experts I took a risk of investing Rs. 4 lakh to construct the fish tank, 100 * 200 feet area, depth 30 feet and water capacity 1.4 lakh liter. It not only helped to resolve the water crises but generated additional income from fish. Besides, fishing is a hassle free venture as it requires comparatively less time for routine operations and monitoring,” shares elated Mr. Ravindra Vittal Amrute with his decision to add fish farming in his agricultural activities. He hails from Vatephal village, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. He started this integrated farming model in the year 2012.
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    Attaining benefits from fish farming he then got one more set up for fish farming with increase in area and capacity by investing Rs. 12 lakh. It is 300* 100 feet area with depth increased to 40 feet. With these two tanks in the farmland, water is secured and the fish waste water is sprayed on the fruit trees with drip irrigation, it is an excellent source of nutrients for the orchard. The tanks are filled brim full during June-July. Four fish varieties are reared in both tanks namely rohu, catla, mrigal and cyprinus fish. Mr. Amrute has 50 acres farm having mixed crops. He grows different varieties of crops with primary focus on fruits like pomegranate and grapes in 5 acres each, guava in 4 acres, mango and lemon in 2 acres each.

    All four fish breeds are reared in the same two tanks. These fishes live in harmony with each other as they stay in different water levels. Rohu stays on the top surface, mrigal and cyprinus in the middle level while catla stays close to the bottom of the tank. Fishes feed on plant and putrescent organic substances. "We have grown few plants in the tank itself while rest other ingredients are manually thrown in the tank once in three days. The top fish feed is prepared in-house using the wheat flakes, oil cake and rice barn. Additionally once in 12 days we also feed fish with cow dung based feed,” he adds. To prepare it, 10 kg cow dung of indigenous cow breed, is mixed with 100 gm urea and 100 super phosphate. It is allowed to blend overnight and fed in the morning,” he shares.

    Fish seed is sourced from the Kolkata based supplier through their representative stationed in the village. “I have given him the complete responsibility to release fish seed in the tank and harvest the fishes after 10 month, of course under my watchful eyes. The fish seed is bought at Rs. 50 paisa each while sold at Rs. 80/kg. Fish harvested from my farm are sold in retail market at Rs. 160/kg and more,” he asserts.

    The entire horticulture produce had phenomenal improvement in the quantity and quality. The fruits are sold directly in the mandi to the end consumer. In time to come he wants to stay focused with present farming set up. He concludes, “Fish farming was the right decision taken at the right time. It is less labour and time intensive. I want to introduce some more techniques in my farm to simplify farming and increase the profits.”

    Contact details:
    Mr. Ravindra Vittal Amrute
    At Post Vatephal Ra, District
    Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
    Phone: 094214 39088
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    Ver good and useful information. Thank you
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    Very Nice Amrute Saheb.
    Wish to see your farm,when can we visit,,
    I have 12Acres of Pomegranate plantation at Satana in Nashik district.
    -Prashant Patil

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    Nice farming. If you wanna produce fish feed by own, welcome to contact us for more information and cost of various production fish feed machines.

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