Wanted Project report for diary farm

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by harinetit, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. harinetit

    harinetit New Member

    Hi Team,

    i plan to start diary farm using 4 high yield desi cows like Gir, please advice the best place to buy original breed and let me know if anyone can prepare project report.

    Place :
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  2. intertrade

    intertrade Active Member

    Call me. 9620 557190, 7010 335055.
  3. sudhakar-7123

    sudhakar-7123 Member

    Please share your contact number or contact this number for desi cow gir (kadar - +65 8393 2923 WhatsApp) I purchased from him...
  4. harinetit

    harinetit New Member

    Thanks for reply, i contact him. can share your experience ?
  5. sriram7005

    sriram7005 New Member

    how much one cow cost ?
  6. sriram7005

    sriram7005 New Member

    i too wanted to start dairy form , can any one share is it really profitable ?

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