Question planning to start Neem Oil + Azadirachtin Extraction Plant . Need consultants

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  1. pragati_bio

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    We choudhari agro tech(i) pvt ltd nagpur are planning to start Neem Oil + Azadirachtin Extraction Plant from Neem Seed Kernels, and looking for consultants in this field who can help us setup such a project.
    If anybody interested, please contact on:
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    We are consultant for plant extract especially azadirachtin from Neem,lutein from Marigold contact
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  3. neem seed oil and azadiractine alkaloid extraction or any other alkaloid isolation process can be performed that depends on your investment with DICproject AND BANK ASSISTANCE. If you are interested may contact. N.PATHAK. +91 9239245382
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    Please consult us for project report

    G.Ananda Rao B.Sc(Ag)
    (Ex Agricultural Officer & Agri Finance consultant)
    Vijaya Agro & SME Consultants
    Mobile: ✆ 9703128495✆,8074257374
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  5. nilmoni_pathak for neem oil and banking project report contact +91 9239245382 /8981089611 I ALSO UNDER TAKE THE TURN KEY PROJECT AND MARKETING
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  6. Dear @pragati_bio
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  7. maitys

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    In general, the neem oil yield reported from seed kernels varies from 25% to 45% .
    Neem essential oil is usually prepared from the seed kernels but the flower, bark and leaves are also minor sources of neem essential oil.
    Mechanical pressing ( industrial expellers or wooden press ) , solvent extraction, and more recently, supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) are among the numerous methods to extract neem seed oil.

    In the mechanical method, cold pressing or temperature-controlled pressing can be employed to procure oil from the neem seed kernel via physical crushing. Approximately 82% of the neem oil can be recovered by the mechanical extraction method. Although mechanical pressing is a frequently used technique, neem oil acquired with this process has poor quality due to it low azadirachtin content (1427 ± 51 ppm, 25.3%), Moreover, oil produced by mechanical pressing is turbid, containing a considerable amount of water and metal content .However, while the cold-pressing method is inexpensive , easy, economical, and solvent-free, to obtain high-quality oil, intensive purification steps are needed, which often reduce active components of oil and may cause technical and monetary constraints for commercial-scale production.
    The solvent extraction method is generally the preferred choice for obtaining neem oil. It furnishes a high yield and clear oil compared with the mechanical extraction method. In the Soxhlet extraction method, neem oil percentage recovery corresponded to 92.3%–99.1%, with the azadirachtin content (4658.4 ± 92.5 ppm) three times more than that obtained from the cold-pressed extraction procedure. Furthermore, the conventional solvent extraction method has a relatively low operational cost and is economical compared with the other modern methods of extraction like supercritical fluid extraction ( SFE )

    Super Critical Fluid ( SFE ) or CO2 Extraction process has been of great interest for being an efficient and effective method for the recovery of essential oils and active metabolites from solid matrices. It produces high-quality oil with no solvent residues, but its operating and investment costs are high. Beyond a critical temperature (31°C) and pressure (74 bars),carbon dioxide (CO2) exists as a liquid and finds use in SFE to extract the active ingredients of neem seeds . Unlike other solvents, CO2, being a green, non-hazardous, inert, and affordable solvent, is perfectly adapted to extract essential oils without interfering with its active components . SFE is environmentally friendly and produces no waste, and removal of solvent (SC-CO2) from the oil or analyte does not require rigorous heating, which can be achieved by releasing pressure, leaving almost no trace of CO2 in the oil yield.

    Oil infusion is another method for extracting fat soluble constituents of neem leaves, bark from either fresh or dried plant parts through cold or hot process.
    Neem leaves infused coconut oil is mostly used in making Neem soap as a by product .

    First evaluate your target consumers ( domestic or overseas ) demand and quality parameters then decide your extraction process .
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  8. jayman6627

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    Is it possible to get around 4500 ppm through solvent extraction?
    Please share more details about it.
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  9. maitys

    maitys Active Member

    Variation in the yiled and purity of azadirachtin in the feedstock are due to geographicallocation of the plant , time of harvest and duration of seed storage .
    Enrichment of azadirachtin can be achieved through with different solvents i.e. Ethyleneacetate , Choloroform , Dicholoroethene , Toluene , Dicholoromethene etc.
    Pressurized Liquid Extraction (PLE) is the latest technology for extraction of high percentage azadirachtin from neem seed kernels .
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