Sale Organic Vermi Compost Manure Fertilizer

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by goodlife, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. goodlife

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    We offer good quality pure organic vermi compost made out of earthworms from pure cow dung very rich in nutrition and good for growth of plants.
  2. agripkm

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  3. soulseed

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  4. vickram2507

    vickram2507 New Member

    Price for Pali Rajasthan c&f
    8890446151 call
  5. johnkennedy

    johnkennedy New Member

    I want procedure and details for starting vermi compost manuree
    9533665639= JOHNKENNEDY
  6. vickram2507

    vickram2507 New Member

    Its very simple try youtube to understand procedproc
  7. sgsable

    sgsable New Member

    I am interested in procuring 3 MT at farm site directly which is on Warud-Talegaon road in Taluka Warud Distt.Amravati (Maharashtra). Please let me know the rate and packaging details on my mail
  8. zee640

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    @ good life
    Please let me know the details for purchasing
    The vermicompost. Also required cocopeat.
    Can rech me at

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