Info Organic Farming Training Course Starting -3 March 2019. South Bangalore.

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    All members in this thread:
    The first course of 15 days full time or holidays announced in this thread is scheduled to start on 03 March 2019 (reporting time 9 AM) at our Farm and Training Centre at Kaggalipura village, 25 KM from Bangalore (15 KM from NICE Road Exit to Kanakapura Road).
    Farm Location:

    We also offer Internship of one month to 3 months for those interested Students of Botany / Zoology / Agriculture / Horticulture / Environmental Science / Ecology / Dairy Science etc and ready to work in the farm regularly. Internship will be offered at subsidised cost.

    Please confirm immediately by mail (on or before 01 March 2019) by mail if you want to attend the course or internship, giving your complete contact details including mobile number number and address etc by mail to E:

    Please come with completed Registration Form print out and make payment of 50% of total cost for the course in cash on the first day of the course at farm and balance to be paid on 5th day of the course.

    Please see earlier mails sent to all of you who had sent request mails for Prospectus and Form.
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    Is there your/any Organic farming training is given near Pune ?
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    Dear Sir,
    Please provide soft copies of prospectus and registration form to

    Mob 9831153548
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    Highly Interested, but I am currently living out side India. Please provide E copies of theories if possible in order to reap the benefit of your course. Will surely try to attend your course next time.
    Thanks and Best Wishes for the success of your course

    E mail:
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    Respected Sir,

    please do accept my humble appreciation on your noble cause!*
    i am a Bangalorean by birth, 63 years of age, since 1990 i am into
    transfer of technology from lab to land in many segments.

    it may not be possible for me to participate in your training programme in continuance due to other schedules,
    all the same i would love to come for a day and meet you during your training session.

    my interest in specific is about Organic Certification possibility!

    request you to share your coordinates for me to connect with you.

    Mobile Number,
    Address - in case you are not taking calls!

    looking forward.

    Best regards.
    Vallal Ranganathan.
    Mobile: 9620 557190. 7010 334055.
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  7. greenlandfns

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    Yes. Thank you. We will sent it.
  8. greenlandfns

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    We have some proposed organic farm development projects around Pune, Mumbai, Thane such as in Madoshi Village (Bhiwandi), Shahpur, Roha etc and once those projects take off we are planning to offer the course there also. But we are not able to tell you now when it will happen because the project owners are trying to raise investment for the projects through loan etc. Meanwhile you can join the course offered at Gauribidanur/Bangalore, on residence basis. If you want further details, please mail us request for Prospectus and Form to E:
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    No amount of theory reading will help you to become a successful farmer. You have to sweat it out in the farm to learn farming. And we can't provide our specific reading materials in advance. It will be provided along with attending the course only and all theory has to be shown practically in the farm by doing the work and trainees have to do it themselves to know how theory is applied practically in the farm.
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    We are not interested in Organic Certification nonsense, which is yet another MNC/Developed country ploy to make money out of certifications and limit trade export from poor countries through various non-trade barriers, which started booming after the setting up of WTO with the conclusion of GATT, in 1995. I have earlier worked with certification agencies and international buyers of Indian products, more than a decade ago, with regard to Clean Clothes Campaign with focus on Tirupur Knitwear cluster, and fully aware of such things. We are moving in an entirely different path based on traditional principles and customers will know the organic quality of the product by tasting it. And we don't want to be part of the government and MNC systems and practices, which killed the farmers in thousands through their nonsense policies and practices-by all governments all over the world.

    But, as an individual interested in farming, you can visit the farm any time you like once we are fully set and doing the course along with our farming activities. We will update you about it in due course.
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    To add a little more to our earlier response: We believe and learned from our experience of farming (majority of our member farmers including me are with 3-6 decades of experience in all kind of farming) that plants take more than 60% of their nutrient requirements from atmosphere and not from soil and water, and this is the reason for failure of majority of agri science and technology innovations in the long run because they focus only on soil and water. Recently, a retired director of Agriculture Department (Kerala), who promoted and pushed agri science and technology on poor, illiterate farmers for more than 30 years of his government service, published a book, in which he admits the role of atmosphere as we mentioned above, and he is practicing only Spiritual Farming in his own land in Alapuzha now!! And we are also not interested in the agri science and technology that are following the footsteps of Green Revolution, which was an utter nonsense forced upon the farmers of the world and also India, to serve the profit greed of MNCs and Developed Country Governments through support from CIA, Ford and Rockefeller, which poisoned the entire food chains of the world including India making billions of people sick with many diseases that came along with including cancer. And the father of Green Revolution, Norman Borlaug, was awarded with Nobel Prize for International Peace and not for Genetics/Science!! (You may see the book by Susan George and Fabirizio Sabelli: Faith and Credit-The World Banks' Secular Empire: And the basic question also remains: why Borlaug went to Mexico to do research on wheat leaving his own country, USA, which is a major wheat producing country! It is similar to the toxic memo prepared by one time economist of World Bank, Lawrence Summers (referred later as the Summers Toxic Memo) advising World Bank to fund the shifting of all toxic and polluting industries to developing and underdeveloped countries because, he stated, that the life of a person in a developed country is more valuable than the life of a person in a developing/underdeveloped country. So, we are sorry to say that we are not interested in lab to land matters. We can understand Mother Nature and her characteristics, her whims and fancies through personal observations, experience, our body reactions and our sixth sense when we are in any land with plants, and we can feel and understand problems from the colour and appearance of leaf, flower, stem, fruit, the fauna around like birds, butterflies, bees, insects and so many other beings around including fungus, algae observable by naked eye, the smell of the air/atmosphere, the colour of the soil and the taste of water. And we don't need lab tests to tell us about the land and the health of the crops-we can see it by looking at the land and the plants growing there because they are our own extended self.
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  13. sureshtvelu6

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    I am interested
  14. jaisoham

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    I am interested
  15. greenlandfns

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    Please mail request for Prospectus and Registration form to E:
  16. greenlandfns

    greenlandfns Well-Known Member

    Please mail request for Prospectus and Registration form to E:
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    hi sir, i am new to this portal.
    i am very much interested on Organic Farming Training, but i am not able spend 15 days or 1 month in our form since i am working in one of the pvt company. So can please tell me , is there chance to attend the weekend only.

    plzzz reply me

  18. greenlandfns

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    Yes. Please send request for Prospectus and Registration Form to E:
  19. sriram7005

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    thanks for reply..
    is there any standard procedure for registration or can i send mail to above mansioned mail ID.

    plz reply mee
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    Advance registration required as we can accommodate only very low number of trainees at a time. So, send a mail with request for Prospectus and Advance Registration Form to E:

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