Wanted One acre of land in Niligiris or Kodaikanal.

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by reubendan1989, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. reubendan1989

    reubendan1989 New Member

    Need one acre of land for farming,with good water source, electric supply.

    Esp in Niligiris or kodaikanal.
  2. ragul madhavan

    ragul madhavan New Member

    I have land in kodaikanal pannaikadu village. .. It's a good farming land.
  3. nyeemayeesha

    nyeemayeesha Member

    What is the rate u are looking for
  4. nyeemayeesha

    nyeemayeesha Member

    Please provide pannikadu village land details
  5. balas

    balas New Member

    Hi pls share your number to bala_srini00@yahoo.com. Genuine investor.
  6. mail310e

    mail310e New Member

    Hello Sir, if you're interested in joint venture cultivation of crops, call me on 8939768489. Thanks..

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