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    Bangalore based growers and traders of exotic and conventional flowers. Annual turnover more than Rs. 70 crore

    Mr. Bollapally Srikanth, 40, began his professional journey at the tender age of 16 working in a floriculture farm at a meager salary of Rs. 1000 and today his company, Om Sri Sai Flowers is renowned across India as one the best flower supplier of exotic and conventional flowers. Flowers are also exported to Dubai and Australia. Located at Bangalore, Karnataka the company is engaged in growing and trading of flowers. Annual turnover is more than Rs. 70 crore. “I always did my work with 100% commitment and was keen to learn the intricacies of business. Consequently I could master the skill of growing, harvesting and selling different varieties of flowers just in two years while in job. I also developed good contacts in the industry thereby got the confidence to be an entrepreneur and started business in 1995,” he shares.
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    Mr. Bollapally Srikanth

    It all began with selling the flowers as florist and slowly Mr. Srikanth consistently kept expanding his business with growing and trading of flowers in bulk quantities in different parts of India and exporting. “We have two companies- one for growing flowers and other for trading flowers. Trading is our main operation at the moment. Growth in the business is result of hard work of many years! I have travelled to nearly 20 countries to upgrade my knowledge on flowers’ varieties and production. It also helps largely in networking,” he asserts.

    Rose, Carnation, Gypsophila and Gerbera are cultivated at Mr. Srikant’s farm. The farm spreads in 30 acre at Tubagere. He also has another 10 acre farm in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu where he grows Liliums and Carnations. “I prefer greenhouse for floriculture because the quality is superior and production is high. In the controlled environment the yield obtained is good and loss is minimized. We harvest flowers daily and store in cold storage. Depending on the orders we dispatch,” he elaborates.
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    According to him floriculture requires immense attention and constant supervision right from planting, harvesting and storing as flowers are extremely gentle and delicate. When asked about monitoring the farm with constant travelling, he says, “My wife is my biggest strength and we work together. We have appointed sufficient staff to maintain the farm. We guide them over phone and share messages through whatsapp to discuss problems/difficulties. With technology upgradation communication has become hassle free.”

    Trading constitutes 90% of the business while 10% is production. Within India, flowers are bought from Ooty, Coorg, Pune and Bangalore. There are 280 farmers in the network regularly selling their produce to Om Sri Sai Flowers. These farmers are located all over South India and few are from North India. Farmers are given buy-back guarantee. “We provide them the technical knowledge on flower varieties and production. We suggest them the seeds but we do not provide the same. Growers initially need to invest to grow and later we buy flowers at the price higher than market rates. However, farmers should provide us good quality flowers and comply with out specifications like the stem length, flower size, colour etc,” he states. Mr. Srikant also imports exotic flowers namely Asiatic Lilium, Oriental Lilium, Anthoriums, Bird of Paradise and Orchids etc from outside India and sells in India.

    Out of the total production and procurement, 10% of flower quantity is exported to Dubai and Australia while 90% is sold in India. “Throughout the country in major cities hotels, retailers and wedding organizers are our target customers. We have developed our network well that even in a short notice we are able to arrange bulk quantities. Besides we respect and undertake every order be it Rs. 1000 or more than Rs. 1 Lakh,” he highlights.

    Flowers are exported through air cargo. “As flowers are tender and fragile we select the service provider for their handling and service. In case of exports to Dubai, we send it through Emirates because of their good handling of flowers and reasonable fare. We pack entire stock in card board boxes and ship with proper labeling,” states Mr. Srikanth.

    Speaking on the statement, ‘prospects in flower farm not rosy’ he clarifies, ‘This is a wrong statement. Any work done with 100% dedication and sincerity will lead to success. Once or twice losses incurred in not failure rather must be considered as the stepping stone to more profits after analyzing the mistakes and re-correcting yourself. Quitting the business without trying or simply tagging it as ‘not rosy’ is failure.”

    In time to come Mr. Srikanth wants to focus on present operations and create awareness on floriculture as prospective business. “I want to educate young boys and girls about floriculture while they are in school. All the children are introduced about software and other IT related career options but not about farming! I want to create awareness about floriculture so that when time comes to choose career they know about this business too,” he signs off.

    Contact Details:
    Om Sri Sai Flowers
    No. 35/4-1, Ragashree Nilayam, Opposite Mico Back Gate, Banerghatta Main Road, Bangalore - 560030
    Phone: +91 9972558888
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    Sir I am very eager to meet you and for right advice. I have 2 acres property in Maddur. Water source is reasonably good. Need your support to grow in agriculture. My contact no 9740080856 Mail ID, I am from Bangalore. A
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    It's good to ear your business plan sir ... And I have a 3 Acres of land and I planned to make a floriculture in one acres so please give guidelines to start a business and give a support sir. WhatsApp number is 9066755413 ....
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    Dear sir ;
    I am also manufacturer of Gerbera cut flowers, so please help me how to make marketing the flowers in India and in international markets, please guide me to trade give your contact information or call me +91 9972424227, email
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    I am from Chemfar Organics (P) Ltd, Bangalore. We are into exports of Pharmaceutical products form last 20 years. We would like to enter into Floriculture / Food Processing. We are looking for a partner for stating this project with export orientation. We are open to buy a land of about 10 acre around Bangalore / Thally, Hosur area. In this connection we are seeking your interest and kind information.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rajath Rao
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    Mr Srikanth
    From a mere 1000 Rs salary to a 70 Cr turnover, you would have gone through a lot of tough times to reach that state. I admire your self confidence Mr Srikanth

    I just loved your quote "Quitting the business without trying or simply tagging it as ‘not rosy’ is failure"

    Dont know when but will meet you once

    Syed Ataur

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