Question Needs suggestions to Establish a new poly house in Haryana.

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    I have 20 bigha land for farming in my village in Haryana and want to establish a new polyhouse in my village. so i want to know what expenditure will be occur and what % of subsidy i will get for the same.

    Please suggest me and what should i do for the same.

    Looking forward for your positive response.

    Puran singh
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    A good news for the Saffron lovers by heart.

    A good news for all. It is scientifically proved in forties of last century that, yellow[wave length 0.00035mm.] and red [wave length 0.00073mm.] lights are very helpful to all types of plant growth and the best promoter of chlorophyll Green Matter in the plants. So take the initiative that all poly houses [ not green house as these words are commonly used by Indians only, where the meaning is a specific air pollution ] and shed nets must be ORANGE =Yellow+Red [ SAFFRON ] for at least Green Revolution - Next-Phase to feed 1.25+ Billion population. I am sure there must be some one BHIKSHUK to say this is also a Vaidik Invention! ! !
    You have a good opportunity to call on P.M. to inaugurate your Saffron colour poly house. Do not forget me to call on at this function at your cost.
    Ramesh S. Bhide.
    73 Years Young - Consulting Engineer [ Reverse Engineering ] & Geophysicist. Life Member of Asso. of Explo. Geo Physicists [India] & AGID -International
    MCCIA-SEF MEMBER No.1024 Pune
    Mentor of BYST - Supported by CII
    Post Box no.784 Pune, - 411030. Bharat [ INDIA ].


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