Question Need suggestions on economical fencing to 80 Acres land.

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  1. nikhiljr

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    Please guide us for and economical and strong fencing solution for our 80 acres land near Anantpur. Approximately it might require 2000 post and will hv 4000 meters length.
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  2. shwethasvmg

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  3. greenlandfns

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    Can you consider organic/natural fencing also? We can do organic fencing as well as normal Barbed Wire or Chain Link fencing. Which one you want to have? Or both-barbed wire/chain link that will last for <> 10 years along with organic fencing which will become effective within 5-10 years or barbed wire/chain link that will last for 25-30 years? Depends on the quality of barbed wire / chain used. Please mail us with exact length required so that we can give price quote. Please mail us details such as total exact length, type of land (if borders are rocky digging for poles would be more work) along with your contact details and exact location and type fencing you prefer etc to: E:
    Greenland Farms & Nursery Services, Bangalore.
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  4. sarvaman

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    Hello Sir
    Please call B.Madhusudan 98451 37288.

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