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    I am hussain from kerala having a bamboo plantation of 12acres in wayanad. Hereafter i like to turn to beema bamboo. I would like to know that: what are the assistance that can expect from govt side or NBM. What are the restriction from govt or forest dpt. can the leaf use as a foder for ghot farming.what is the feesibility for a farm in goa.Avaiting for response.
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    Dear Mr. Hussain,


    I am happy to know that you are already cultivating Bamboo as plantation. Beema bamboo is a highly cultivable species produces higher yield and respond very well to agronomy and with additional care . The NBM is not effective at present and there is no good government scheme available as on date. However, PMO (Prime Minister's office) is looking to Bamboo and likely to provide assistance to boost Bamboo cultivation.

    The restriction on harvesting of bamboo is no more there. Bamboo can be classified as minor forest product and cultivated bamboo does not come in to purview of forest cutting rule.

    The leaf of bamboo is a good fodder for Cow, Goat, Buffalo, Elephant, Donkey and even Chicken. The bamboo leaf has got higher level of Calcium, which is essential for most of the animals and chicken.

    The bamboo can be grown in the goat farm. The climatic condition of goa is highly suitable for growing Beema bamboo. There are special Bamboo available in Konkan region by name "Manga" (Dendrocalamus stocksii) which is highly lucrative for cultivation in Western Ghats starting from Pune and upto Kerala. This bamboo is naturally found in konkan area of Maharashtra,Goa and in the Coastal belt of Karnataka.

    With kind regards,

    Dr. N. Barathi. B. Sc(Agri), M. Sc(Agri), Ph. D.

    Growmore Biotech Ltd.
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