Wanted Need someone partner for agriculture

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by sharath7677, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. sharath7677

    sharath7677 New Member

    I completed MBA my age 28 years ,my father is a farmer I have 8 Acres land ,I m not satisfied with private jobs I wnat to start agriculture(organic) farming ,I am searching for a interesting partner,if I got partner I will come anyware ,I like polyhouse farming also I have some paln for developing polyhouse farming,intrestd candidate ping me I will contact you .....
  2. haigan123

    haigan123 New Member

    Hi sarath I am an agricultural graduate presently doing small scale agricultural business which includes supply of farm fresh vegetables to retail shops. I am very much interested in polyhouse farming and organic farming and having experience in that field also. I am searching for a good and dedicated person for growth in joint manner. Please feel free to contact me at 9025085538, haigan123@gmail.com.
    I am residing at Chennai, TamilNadu
  3. rock water

    rock water New Member

    We import disinfectant (GERMANY) for POLY , GREEN HOUSES and AGRICULTURE .
    Hitesh Kohli

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  4. shivbodh

    shivbodh New Member

    Myself shivbodh i want a partner for agriculture & dairy plat in allahabad u.p.
    May anyone suggest me how much budget can be in MASROOM produce

    You can contact me 9034991534
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  5. higreen

    higreen New Member

    Pl contact me 94431 31792
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  6. ganaya66

    ganaya66 New Member

    Hi Sharath, This is Ganesh here. Currently working in IT sector, but really interested to take Farming as a profession. Same as you I'm also looking for someone interested in Agriculture to start.
    This is my email 'ganeshmalay@hotmail.com' so let's discuss about it.
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  7. kamlesh_rai

    kamlesh_rai New Member

    Hi. Sharath
    Brother I m an engineer with 10 years of exp in MNC.
    I also have around 2 acre land.
    I also want to switch to agriculture specially polyhouse in a systemetic basis.
    I am very much interested in your proposal.
    Plz do share further details at global.rai@gmail.com
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  8. agrifriend

    agrifriend Member

    hi welcome to agriculture division. we have 100% organic agriculture system please contact me 9440594367
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  9. sharath7677

    sharath7677 New Member

    thank you for your interest i will contact you soon
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  10. sharath7677

    sharath7677 New Member

    hi brother i am glad , i will contact you , thank you very much ......
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  11. sharath7677

    sharath7677 New Member

    hi shivbodh, thank you for interest , i am form andrapradesh , i will contact you soon ....
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  12. prasadvarma12

    prasadvarma12 New Member

    Hi sarath, u r from?
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  13. ashishiet

    ashishiet New Member

    Hi Shivbodh, i am from Allahabad as well and i am looking for person from same place. Please contact me ashishietcs@gmail.com
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  14. dtandel

    dtandel New Member

    your are from which location...i am from panvel and like to start dairy farming/ goat farming/ hen farming in nearby area..looking for partner who has land. if you are intresred pls contact me on 9820268990.
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  15. suradhii

    suradhii New Member

    hi let me know your profile
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  16. agridairy

    agridairy New Member

    Send me your contact no. on my email Id I will call you and than we discuss it in details. Hope sound. noman_vasaikar@yahoo.com
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  17. sanjay58

    sanjay58 New Member

    i have four acre cultivable land on ahmedabad-rajkot highway.
    anyone interested to join hands for cutivation of profitable crop/
    sanjay jhaveri 9426409232
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  18. johnyesudhas

    johnyesudhas New Member

    We are an agriculture company who provide complete end to end projects on a turnkey basis. We specialize in Poly house/Green House/Shade house/Poultry/Livestock and Diary farming practices using hi-tech technologies. Please contact us at sales.indiagreen@gmail.com or you can call us at 044-43527222. We are based in Chennai but we execute projects all over India. Thanks.
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  19. mallikarjunayya

    mallikarjunayya New Member

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  20. mallikarjunayya

    mallikarjunayya New Member

    Y u need partner
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