Wanted Need Land for lease in Bangalore & Mumbai for Hydroponic Project

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by hydroherbs, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. hydroherbs

    hydroherbs New Member

    Looking for land in Bangalore & Mumbai for an upcoming hydroponic project. Anywhere between 2.5-5 acres is needed. Land owner/lessor must invest partly in project for which the land owner will receive 12% return p.a. This is to ensure that that land owner does not decide to suddenly ask our company to vacate. To provide comfort to the land owner, the company will also invest partly in the project, to prove the company also won't vacate. Minimum 8 yrs lease. This way the land owner receives rental income from his land lease and well as 12% fixed/stable return for their investment in the project.
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  2. jpnarain

    jpnarain New Member

    I have land in Bangalore . What is hydroponic project & what is Rent you are offering per month.
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  3. SATLA R.K.

    SATLA R.K. Member

    i have 3 acre land near Mumbai with 5000 sq ft shade & complete infra ready - call 9920120216 /96195 79635
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  4. sanjaysharma

    sanjaysharma Member

    Have 5 acres near Mumbai. With shed, irrigation facilities and electricity. Call 8291196630.
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  5. drsreddy

    drsreddy New Member

    I have 2.5 Acres land near Bangalore. Pl contact.
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  6. hivikagreentechfarm

    hivikagreentechfarm New Member

    We already have hydroponic farm at surat....growing herbs ...we can do contract farming

    7227823832..whatsapp no.
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