Question Need information to start Poultry Business, Hyderabad.

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  1. tpsrama

    tpsrama New Member

    HI All

    we want to start an Poultry Business near Hyderabad .

    Can we get bank loan for that
    1) we planing to Buy land and then build sheds on that.
    2) we would invest some money on land and rest of amount to buy land, equipment , birds do we get loan
    3) we are planing for 5000 birds on land would be 2 acres

    Kindly provide suggestions
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  2. What i suggest you is do not go with broiler chicken because it is complete market is in hands of Suguna and Vencob. these guys will decrease price and get u into loss.
    What ever currently poultry farms are there 95% are maintained by Suguna and Vencob, if you really want to earn good go with country chicks.
    Better to go with Country chicken Aseel, vanaraja , giriraja, you will get good information about them in ACHARYA N.G.RANGA Agricultural University.

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  3. communityn

    communityn New Member

    Getting a loan unless you have the land is doubtful. Buy the land first and they you may be able to get the loan. The best thing to do would be to check with the bank
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  4. stardinz

    stardinz New Member

    I want join suguna poultry farms in tamil nadu can you help me
    Please give the full details of suguna poultry farms ca
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  5. The process of any Boiler chicken contract is like.
    1. You need to construct shed
    2. Provide Labour
    3. Power bill, Labour salary is from your pocket

    What they will provide you.
    2. Medicins
    3. Docotor.
    4. Feed

    How much they pay you is,
    It depends on time to time some time they pay
    Per kg they will pay you 5rs to 10 rs..

    Means if one hen is of weighing 2kg avg you will get 10 to 20rs
    Below are adress of suguna chicken offices in Chennai. Customer Care: 1800 103 43 43


    Contact details for Daily Fressh
    • Coimbatore
      COIMBATORE – 641 045,
      Tel: 4390437

      COIMBATORE – 641 024,
      Tel: 99427 55666 / 97500 98889
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  6. zzzakaria

    zzzakaria New Member

    Hi i have land 2.5 acres in peru palli under chiutuppal nalgnda about forty five min drive fm ramoji film city.
    I can lease you or sell u or be a partner in your venture as i am also moving in that direction.
    Pl contact on whatsapp 08336973381 Hemlata fm hyd
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  7. stardinz

    stardinz New Member

    Thank you very much
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  8. mahatekar

    mahatekar Member

    hello all questions solve hear yes u can get bank loan my email i d is ill guide u for no loss double income in 45 days plus government sub sidies
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  9. jaidimadhu

    jaidimadhu New Member

    Please don't go to broilers chicken form in private sector
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  10. sridharexim

    sridharexim New Member

    Yes, you can get a loan from Nationalized banks. am an Industrial Consultant for projects and Bank finance you may reach me on 9848244420
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  11. greenlandfns

    greenlandfns Well-Known Member

    You can buy land by bank loan (Land /Property Purchase Loan) if you can show the proof of income to pay the EMI, such as salary or other sure income source for the period of EMI, say 10-15 years.
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  12. vamraj

    vamraj New Member

    Sir are you sure, banks fund for buying lands? If yes, pls let me know which are the banks. I have good income source/proof to pay EMI.
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  13. ray_aug11

    ray_aug11 New Member

    Hi I want to start a poultry farm on an half acre land in Bangalore,.. I need information on how to go about it, the documents required etc. All suggestions will be helpful.

  14. girishj

    girishj New Member

    How and is it workable with Suguna foods for poultry business. I have land in AP and if i want to set up a poultry farm what is the process and profitability.

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