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    I have 50 Acres of Land Parcel inKutch Gujarat where Average Rain is 80mm to 100mm.
    I want to develop my land with latest technology available with all Govt. Benefits possible.
    If anybody can offer do please email me at
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    I am P.S. Kannan, Tahsildar (Rtd) have 6.00 acres of dry lands in Kavundanpatti Village, Peraiyur Taluk, Madurai District. I would like to engage myself in to active cultivation for which I need advice to dig a open well or a bore well plus isreal technology support to become a successfull farmer.
    P.S. Kannan,B.A.,
    Tahsildar, (Rtd)
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    Dear sir,

    Please inform as to whether any under ground water source is available or not. You land area is situated in mostly drought affected area. Whether open well can yield any water from the water table etc. Farm pond can be constructed for collecting rain water for use in critical stages for short duration crops.

    If water source is limited we can use sprinklers for field crops and drip irrigation for horticultural crops.

    Please contact us for project report and guidance if any term loan is to be availed from Bank

    G.Anandarao B.Sc(Ag)
    Retd Agricultural Officer ( Dept of Agril) & Agricultural Banker (Syndicate Bank) &
    Also Ex.Lead District Manager
    Vijayawada , AP
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    Israel and India are not comparable.
    One is a nation of eight million people, the other of 1.25 billion.
    Arable land per person is three times more in India than in Israel (0.04 hectares).
    One has about a quarter million hectares of cultivated land (283,000 hectares), while the other has 140 million hectares, or 500 times as much.
    Yet Israel exported agricultural produce worth $2.12 billion in 2011, which was as much as twelfth of India’s exports of $24.44 billion that year.

    This is where Israel’s expertise comes in .
    Israel has only 64,000 farmers. Agriculture is carried out by cooperatives which get land from the state on 49-year leases. Private farmers tend to pool resources. Scientists, extension workers, farmers and processing industries are integrated.
    Farmers push the companies to innovate.

    Under the Indo-Israel partnership, 21 centres of excellence are being set up in nine states for dairying, bee-keeping, floriculture and horticulture .
    Minimum investment required for a Israel high-tech agriculture is Rs 840 per square metre, or Rs 34 lakh per acre without subsidy.
    Not every Indian farmer can practise Israel high-tech agriculture, but the enterprising can attempt it, if other conditions permit.
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