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Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by rupesh_verma, Dec 2, 2016.

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    hello sir,
    i am from Ambedkar Nagar ,Uttar Pradesh ,IN (150 KM from Lucknow ) . I want to start Organic Farming of Aloe Vera .I want full info about aloe vera farming like:

    1. where to Buy plants or seeds ?
    2. Where to sell Product ?
    3. What are Avg Production Rate per acre ?
    4. What is the price rate to Sell and Buy ?
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    Dear Rupesh_verma,

    Aloe vera farming is a nice idea, which helps healthy living. I'm also into Aloe vera farming. I usually buy different varieties of plants from PlantsLive. A wide collection of fruit plants available with plantslive. Not only that they have fedex courier option to your doorstep at a reduced cost. You can have a look at their E-commerce portal

    I recommend lettuce and simple vegetables in your organic garden. You can also buy live plants online in India from

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